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October NaNo prep Assignments
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October 30, 2021 - Contest Round: Plot Background Story
         The wind was rustling the leaves as autumn was fully in season. The air was starting to get cold, and Barney Knox, just a little boy, knew that the winter months of playing in the snow was just around the corner. It was his favorite time of the year. He loved the snow, and skiing was his sport of choice. Flying down the slopes was such an exhilarating thing to him, and in it he found true freedom.
         The only thing that constantly ruined things for him was his imaginary friend, Lester, who was always speaking to him, in his head. He could not get free from the thoughts that Lester our in his mind. He always told him to do things that Barney knew were not right. Lester used to seem like a helper to Barney, but lately, Barney thought that Lester was really the cause of most of his problems.
         Since he could remember, Lester was causing Barney to do things that he knew was wrong, deep down in his soul. Lester had gotten Barney into a lot of trouble throughout his young life, and Barney was tired of Lesters pestering.
         "Take this off the store shelf and put it in your pocket." Or, Don't help that elderly lady. She will get up on her own." Lester was a jerk, but very convincing. Barney had a hard time because Lester was very adamant in his instruction to Barney, and he was always there. Barney would try to do the right thing, but Laster would pester Barney until he just gave in to his will.
         Barney was starting to think that there was no hope of getting rid of Lester, so depression had set in.
         So Barney put on his coat and started to walk to school, with sadness and hopelessness. It had been a long time since his thoughts were just his own. He longed for freedom from Lester's influence, and Barney was starting to think of a way to get rid of Lester, but how?

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