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by Seuzz
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A high school student finds a grimoire that shows how to make magical disguises.
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The Jockettes
Previously: "Good Sports

Before you can make a decision, though, you need to know how Sydney envisions it working out.

"Okay," you say, "suppose we, uh, make it the basketball squad—"

"Boys or girls?"

"Well ... either, I guess. That's what I'm asking. Didn't you say we need, like, a mix of guys and girls?"

"Sure." She stirs her finger inside a cup of barbecue sauce, and sucks on it. "What I was assuming, I guess, is that we'd do five on each team. Like, five of the guys on the basketball squad, and five of the girls on the girls' squad. Although—" She cocks her head. "Maybe it would make more sense if it was five on a squad, and then we just find five people who would be a good match for them. Like Gordon Black, isn't he dating the head cheerleader?" You nod. "So there. If we pick the boys' basketball squad, then his girlfriend and the girlfriends of the other guys would be the natural ones to add." She punctuates the suggestion with a puckish smile.

"Let's go with girls' teams," you say after a moment's thought. Then we can use the girls to get one of those assholes from yesterday afternoon, and it won't look like I'm aiming for one of them. "What are girls' teams we can pick from?"

"Hang on." Sydney wipes off her fingertips and plucks her cell phone from her pocket. "Off hand, I can tell you that volleyball and basketball are on the table. Soccer and softball too."

"What about, like, the swim team?"

"That's more co-ed. Same as track and tennis."

"I thought those were different teams for boys and girls."

"Well, they are. Sort of. But there's more people to pick from if we stick to—" She studies the screen. "Yeah, volleyball, softball, basketball, and soccer are the best ones to pick from, if we're gonna put a girls' team at the center of our, uh, brotherhood.

"Oh, and—" Sydney adds with a rakish grin and a wink at you. "Let's not overlook the cheerleading squad!"

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