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No School Blues
Normally, Monday through Friday are my quiet days. Sure, I get things done around the place, but I also spend a bit of my time here; as much as I can get away with. Yea, I do spend some weekend time here as well, but it's usually inter-dependent on whatever else is going on. Even when there isn't much, I can't really just log in and chill out.

The reason is, if anyone's home, they tend to interrupt and interfere whenever I get involved in something. During the week, my wife and two children are at work and school. That means I have time to spend without anyone putting in demands and requests for my attention. Once in a while, the neighbor comes over to chat and have coffee, which is always nice and never too often.

But, once children are home, everything changes. Well, depending on what I attempt to do. If I try and read, write, or get involved with anything that requires my attention, it's like some kind of signal broadcasts outward and they tune into it. As soon as they tune in, they home in and invade my space, demanding some kind of attention be diverted towards them. The only exceptions are if I start to do some kind of work, then it has the opposite effect and they go further into hiding. It kind of makes me think of the song, Radar Love, only different motives.

I'm serious! I can sit for an unlimited amount of time and do things that just burn up time and they are off in their rooms, content and happy. But if I pick up a book, start writing something, or log into WdC, they will arrive in my close periphery and want something. What makes things worse, my wife also has a tendency to start talking to herself, making a lot of noise, or asking me questions if I'm engulfed in some task.

Being very introverted, I really need my alone time. I also have a difficult time tuning my brainwaves to just one channel. So, if I'm reading, writing, or trying to do something, I tend to focus heavily on the task. But, if there are interruptions, I feel like I'm getting pulled in numerous directions at the same time and soon can't get anything done.

Last week was going well, I had planned things out that I wanted to get done, and everything was flowing like warm honey off a piece of toast. I was chugging away on a project in the garage after spending the morning in here and was just getting into it when I heard voices. Then the door burst open and two children entered, who should have been at school for another three hours.

Yes, they shut down early because it was snowing!

And they called school off Friday because it was blowing the snow from Thursday.

Monday was Presidents Day, no school. Also, a major winter storm moved in and dumped over a foot of snow on us from Sunday to early Tuesday, with high winds, so no school on Tuesday.

I was up early and ready to send them off on Wednesday, but because of the wind and drifting, they had a late start and didn't get out of here until 9:30.  I got them out the door and on the bus, then went to see if my neighbor needed a ride to get his vehicle out of the shop. We talked for a bit, then headed into town. I dropped him off at the shop, went and grabbed a few groceries, then it was time to pick up my wife from work.

Anyway, they are all off to work, to school, and I'm enjoying a quiet day; finally

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