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April or March
So --- it's been a couple of weeks, and yesterday I posted in my Keto blog, so I thought I should make an entry here today to keep things balanced. As I stated in my Keto blog, it's been kind of a crazy month and I haven't had a lot of time to spend in WdC, hence the delay in writing.

Speaking of "Hence," does it drive anyone else bonkers when people use the term? I don't know why, but I cringe whenever I hear someone say, "hence".

But, I digress from the subject. Wait, what is the subject? I don't think I've actually disclosed one, but instead have just been rambling. I guess the subject is this month. If it is this month; there may have been a huge conspiracy that removed April and stuck us with a second March.

Over at "Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar, there was a question about March and the sayings related. One of them, In like a Lion was popular. It means, if you have been existing under a rock, that if March comes in like a lion (nasty weather) it will go out like a lamb (mellow weather) and of course, the opposite is also true.

March, here anyway, came in like a lamb, very mellow. It also ended like a lion, but not a huge beast, more like a lion cub. At least that's how I thought at the end of March. Now I wonder, did that little rascal refuse to leave?

Another saying my mom liked, "April showers bring May flowers." Only, we didn't get any April showers so does that mean no May flowers? It did rain a few times, but it didn't last long. It may have started as rain, but it soon changed over to snow, and it snowed often. It would warm just enough to melt most of the snow and make a lot of mud and slop, giving false hopes of spring. Then it would turn colder and snow again. Not light fluffy snow, but heavy, wet snow, and a lot each time.

What does April snow bring? Mud, slop, and a lot of standing water since the frost hasn't even dispersed yet.

But today things changed. We are still melting off the last snow that started on Easter, then turned nice on Monday so that most of it melted, then snowed like a butt-hurt-baboon on Tuesday. I think we got over a foot of the wet, heavy, and sloppy crap!

Yesterday it melted a lot of it, turning most of our driveway into something much like quicksand and saturating the yard to the point of needing rubber boots to walk across the sodden sod. But instead of turning colder and snowing again, as it has all month, it started raining this morning.

It's supposed to rain off and on, all day, but by late afternoon or early evening, depending on where you stand and which direction you face which one you use, we are supposed to have thunderstorms. April showers have finally arrived.

Sure, it's going to make more mud and muck, but at least it will drive the frost out so the water can soak in.

Yes, it seems that April has finally arrived. I was convinced that when we changed the clocks and sprung forward we had disrupted the time/space continuum and displaced April while extending March. Wait, mayhaps we did!

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