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Glimpses of you
Glimpses of you
Under anger
Small and fragile
Behind big tears
You stretch my heart
Through joy and pain
And I love you more
Than ever before

You think with your heart like an ocean
rising from calm to storm
and back again to calm
You need to be loved
And I should love you more.

Words cannot say
how much I love you
Yet my words today
have made you feel blue
Words cannot express
my love for you
yet I can do no less
than say my love is true
You are the one for whom I long
The love of you fills my day

You are ice and fire to me
An ice womans beauty scuplted far away
Yet hot as passions flames ignite
You are dance and stillness to me
As fast as whirling dancers full of joy
As silent as a quiet smile in a dream
You are love and fear to me
Love of our times together
Fear that we should ever be apart

A love that digs as deep as wounds
and further on to deeper still
A love that hurts because it is no more
than we could handle if we were alone
A love that takes two selfish people
beyond themselves into each other
A love that makes a larger world
Fuller and Richer than before

I love you and the sky weeps when I speak your name
I love and the ground shakes when I think of you
Nothing matters, all is darkness
Except what we share together
I love you and it hurts to think
that you might ever turn from me
I love you and my life is real
Don't ever walk and leave me in a world of dreams

Move a little closer

My heart is a storm
with wind and waves and rain
the tears in my eyes
have come from that ocean

Today I felt like a monster bearing flowers
you do not like monsters and you pushed me away

Rain as thick as oceans
hides the land
Mud as thin as water
swirls around
Skies as dark as night
are blackened by the flood
fall down upon a drowning world
that has forgotten how to pray.

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