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Little Ann - New Member of the Family
Gosh, how time flies! I can't believe the last time I wrote a blog was back in June! I really have gotten lazy.

We have had quite a bit of drama the last few days. Several months ago I announced we got a new dog named Boss. The owner was a lady down the street being evicted and had no way to take her dogs. Well....she has now returned to the apartment complex and has demanded her dog back. At first, Fred talked to her and said no, we took the dog to help her out. She couldn't take care of the dog or take him with her. The next day, she came to our door and told me she was going to tell everyone my husband hit her...if we didn't give the dog back. My husband has never been alone with her and even as angry and upset as she made him, he never even raised his voice to her. Unfortunately, MY temper flared and I slammed the door in her face...before my guilt kicked in and I realized I should have been more patient.

The next day, Fred packed up all Boss's toys and returned him to the lady. It hurt to lose him. BUT, we both (my husband and I) realize that woman is not mentally well...and we really don't need that kind of mess in our lives. My husband shed a lot of tears and I was worried he was going to go into a depression.

So, yesterday, without telling him I trolled Craigslist and found a puppy needing a good home. Found a lady not far from us who is moving and couldn't take her dog with her. The puppy was abandoned at a Walmart...and she rescued it. But the place she is moving to won't allow pets. She thinks the dog is about 7 months old...and she was willing to deliver it to me. And she didn't ask for any money. So, I had her deliver it while hubby was not home. She was a bit bigger than I expected and I suspect she has some hunting dog in him, maybe some Catahoula. She's got long, gangly legs and big paws and chestnut colored. Very pretty!

She was curled up sleeping on the bed when hubby walked in. His face lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw her! He immediately picked her up and started loving on her. He said she reminds him of the hunting dogs on Where The Red Fern Grows, so he named her Little Ann. I call her Annie. I've got to try to get some pics but she doesn't sit or stand still very long!

This morning, when Fred took Ann for a walk, the woman who took Boss...tried to give Boss BACK to Fred! What kind of crazy lady is she??? Anyway, Fred told her No thank you, we have a dog and he walked off. Little Ann is skittish on the leash and cowers when cars pass by. We are going to have to work with her on that. I have puppy pads for her, but she likes to pee on the floor and eat/chew the pads *Laugh* She's very vocal...and "yips" at you when she wants attention. But when she barks...it has a bay to it, like a hunting dog. Fred took her to meet our friend Joe and Joe has a cat...and she was gentle with the cat and didn't try to be rough or anything. I think she's going to be a very good dog.

Its hard right now for Fred to see Boss...but he knows giving him back was the right thing to do. We talked it over and she is such a spiteful, unhappy person....perhaps Boss is the only source of love she has? Maybe she needed him more than we did? When it comes to situations like this, we just have to try and see it from a compassionate point of view and put our trust in God. HE knows best. We feel we did the right thing and God blessed us with Little Ann. *HeartP*

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