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We live much of life amid unique choices. Joy is anchored in The One beyond our life.
#1038302 added September 29, 2022 at 12:40am
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Note to Self
Note to Self: "Always, always, always, keep your profile's email up-to-date."

Today's adventure has been worth at least a few extra gray hairs.

"What happened, Jay O'Toole?"

Why thank you. I'm so glad you asked.

I tried to log in to my WDC profile three times this morning, unsuccessfully. I promptly pressed the button, directing WDC to send me an email link to change my password. The only thing is that the original email, which was connected to this profile hasn't been used by me in about a year because I was getting overloaded with spam. Busy senior year of high school for our daughter. Open a new email account. Forget about the old email. Keep on pressing forward to graduation.

Nice plan, until today when I went to the old email to retrieve the WDC Change Password Link. It was then, that realized, This is one of those companies, which deletes everything about your email account if you haven't been there in three months or more. (I've got some emails, that I wish I could delete, but those companies keep the email operational, indefinitely.)

"Tell us more, Jay O'Toole!"

Okay, if you insist. That was when the big ol' neon sign flashed across my mind, "NOW WHAT!"

I'm locked of my Jay O'Toole profile.
I have no email where I can pick up the Change Password email.

"No more Writing.Com, ever?" (Insert sad face.)

Then, the idea popped into my head. Free WDC accounts can communicate with anybody on the website, including The StoryMaster .

That's what I did. I have no intention of keeping the new profile, and newbie status, but for a little while the free account became my communication tool.

Finally, after looking around, sending emails to other people I knew, I found his account and sent him the email. He responded so promptly, that I was able to post this blog for September 28th, not missing the date on the blog calendar.

I'm really grateful to you, The StoryMaster . Words cannot fully express.

All this because I forgot to update the currently used email address, connected to my WDC profile.

Now, I can rest easy.

Blessings, All.


by Jay O’Toole
on September 28th, 2022

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