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Day 1: What If?
What if stage magician Maurice, had a dark past. When he was a child, both his mother, and his elder sister were murdered in front of him, by his father. He was saved from the same fate by the intervention of neighbours. His father was subsequently hanged.

What if he then had to live with his aunt and uncle who were 'odd' to say the least, and members of a Spiritualist church. New school - initially picked on, but became class comedian. and more popular.

Like many a clown, his laughter hides the pain he sometimes feels.

What if he met someone who was sometimes a woman and sometimes a man, but always the same person. Philomena introduces him to the notion of the Magical Theatre.

First he has to be brought to the state where he can participate in the Magic Theatre. What is Philomena chaperones him in a series of experiences that he would not otherwise have been likely to experience.

What could these be?
I want situations that would requiring him to let go of the familiar.

No drugs, as I think this a rather uninspiring idea, and I would prefer to avoid this.
An art gallery where they end up playing hide and seek in the paintings?
A house party for the rich and famous?

Maurice visiting a Spiritualist Church with Philomena could be funny. Philomena having conversations with deceased spirits as though they were old friends.

What if he was given the opportunity to have 'whatever he wanted'? How would this play out?
The Devil, and his accomplices would always spoil it in some way?

The Devil is Maurice's shadow, his adversary, knows Maurice very well, and especially his weak spots. What are his weak spots?

What if Philomena introduces Maurice to her 'set', all of whom are bohemian and eccentric. Who would they be?

What if the world outside the theatre was looking increasingly dark, with political unrest, and violence in the offing. What if some of the people who patronize the theatre are part of the political movements and interact with Philomena and therefore Maurice. He gets drawn unwillingly into their power play.
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