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Day 2: Plot: Premise
Plot: Premise

(1) Setting(s). Where does your story take place?
(2) Protagonist(s). Who is(are) your main character(s)?
(2b) Flaw(s). What is(are) the protagonist's major flaw(s)?
(2c) Goal(s). What does(d) the protagonist(s) want (or want to avoid)?
(3) Conflict(s). What's keeping them from their goal(s)?
(4) Antagonist(s). Who or what is creating the conflict(s)?


The story is mainly set in 1920's London, though the Magic Theatre pieces could be in various locations, these will need to be developed for that part of the tale. Maurice being a stage magician, some of what happens will be in a fictitious theatre, possibly called 'The Hippodrome'.


Maurice the Indelible is the protagonist, he is a stage magician and comedian. He lives alone in what was his parents house.

Whilst a child, Maurice witnessed his father murder both his mother and elder sister. Maurice was saved from the same fate. He feels irrationally guilty about having survived. Sometimes he suffers with severe depression, and takes the view that life is pointless. This can manifest in him being reckless. He knows that he is bright, and though he often conceals this, on occasion he will act self righteously, and not listen to reason.

Maurice wants to be a successful magician, and receive top billing for his act. His personal life has been lonely. He has little trouble meeting woman, but has been unable to form any lasting relationship. He is strongly attracted to Philomena, despite (and somewhat to his surprise), knowing that she is sometimes a man.

The Unacceptable Philomena is a mysterious person who Maurice selects to take part in his stage act. She on that occasion takes over the act, and uses real magic, allowing herself to be actually cut in half, before transforming into a man, called Phillip.

She is quirky, mercurial and mysterious. It is highly unlikely that she is human, since she can change her appearance at will, though she has some favourites that are her 'defaults'.

Philomena wishes to introduce Maurice to the Magic Theatre. To this end she interacts with him, both by entering in his existing life, and drawing him into her own bohemian circle.


The main antagonist is the Devil. He and his associates work to tempt, test and break Maurice. It becomes apparent as the story progresses that they too are a part of the Magic Theatre, or perhaps the Devil is Maurice's own shadow.
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