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11 Year Old Boys...
I spent the majority of my Sunday afternoon deep in conversation with my 11-year-old nephew and I swear he can talk your fingers off!! He's still at the age he thinks his Auntie knows everything...but has surpassed me in so many ways. Ever have an 11-year-old ask how many gallons of water does the ocean hold...and fully expects you to actually answer that???

Its that time again and his class is supposed to start thinking about and planning their science projects. He let me know real quick that solar systems and volcanoes are common. No...he wants to prove the ocean is losing water and at what rate...which according to him means the endangered specie people...are being negligent and dumb for not placing the entire ocean habitat in immediate protection and classifying every ocean animal as endangered. Yeah....I'm hoping by the time he tries to dig into that ball of wax he decides the solar system would be a whole lot easier...but as a good, dutiful Auntie I told him to look into it, do his research, and read about it.

He's also supposed to do a midterm project but he's decided to make a Jurassic model of some sort...and write a paper about that time period. At least he still likes dinosaurs. He's still my little boy. Only, he's not. He's only 11 but is in the 8th grade..he skipped a few grades. He looks and acts older than he is.

And apparently, a GIRL asked him to a school Halloween dance. He wanted to know how to tell her NO without being mean or lying but he didn't really want to point out his age...cos he's a bit sensitive about that. Plus, his parents are very, very anti-Halloween and in that family, they do not observe or acknowledge it at ALL. He really didn't want to get into all that....so we came up with a nice way to say NO but without telling any details WHY. Then, like a GOOD AUNTIE I asked him if it wasn't a Halloween dance, but some other school thing, would he like to go with her?? He said "ewww gross!!" Yep, still my little boy. Whew! Those older girls need to leave him alone *Smirk2*

He DID have a blowout with his best friend. They've been thick as thieves since daycare....apparently, there is a new boy at his school named Kenny who in my nephew's words "acts like a spoiled, entitled brat" and my brother later confirmed that kid is well known for causing trouble and majorly destructive tantrums. He's a few years older than my nephew. Well, my nephew's best friend has been impressed with kenny and he's been getting into more trouble cos he's doing what kenny says. When my nephew refused to go along with something the boys wanted to do, and used the excuse his parents would have "cows" his friend told him he only does what his parents say cos he's adopted and they can get rid of him at any time. That very much upset my nephew and he told his friend the only reason he acts the way he does is cos his parents are stuck with him...they didn't get to pick him...Well...both boys said hurtful things but now my nephew asked me what do you do when your best friend is acting stupid. He can see the path his friend is going...but he's not sure how to stop him...and he's pulling away from his friend....all very hurtful and dramatic.

He then had to give me to run down on ALL his brothers and sisters and parents. The 7-year-old got suspended from school for a few days for kicking a boy in the mouth for pushing is 5-year-old sister down and calling her names. The boy lost a tooth but is known as being a bully. So the 5-year-old had to get a pep talk about getting bullied and her brother got grounded. The babies of the bunch are now three....and Jayla keeps getting into trouble for throwing her wooden blocks at her brother and for biting. I don't think there is anything that boy didn't tell me lol

Did I ever talk that much when I was 11 *Whistle*

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