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Day 17: Character: Minor Character Profiles
Lady Frederica Mortlake

Bright 'young' thing of the flapper set, and a part of Philomena's circle. Fun loving and warm hearted. Actually is a little older than she let's on, and is married to an Egyptologist who is currently in Egypt, and having items of interest shipped back to the house.

Frederica is 33, but doesn't admit to this, and likes to give the impression that she is in her twenties. To this end, she is actually quite energetic. She likes to take long country walks, and to swim either in the lake, or in the pool that is a modern addition to the grounds. She also plays tennis or badminton.

Though she is married to an Egyptologist, he has been absent for quite long periods doing research and archaeological digs. Despite this, their marriage 'works' for them, and she is faithful to her husband, though she finds Philomena and Philip extremely attractive and a certain amount of flirting has taken place.

She likes to give parties, and to bring interesting people together.

Her favourite hobby is painting, and she loves to paint groups of people, often making sketches during parties she is attending.

Mrs. Abner

Maurice's part time house keeper. Mrs. Abner lives with her husband in a flat, close to Maurice's house. She is childless, and takes a motherly interest in Maurice's life. She cleans, cooks and does laundry for him. Mrs. Abner is short and dark. Aged in her late 50's, she is still very active in looking after both Mr. Abner and Maurice.

She knows Maurice well enough to talk to him with no deference, but she is always polite. She takes an interest in his work, and has on occasion helped him to test some new trick out.

Her two cats, Jack and Jill, are her child substitutes, and she will often wax lyrical about how lovely they are, and describe their day to day doings, Maurice knows how important they are to her, and so makes time to listen carefully. Mrs Abner treats Maurice's cat Archibald as if he were a person.

She likes to read The People's Friend, and Woman's Weekly Magazines, and is also fond of Agatha Christie novels.
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