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Day 21. Settings list
Hippodrome Theatre

West End Theatre - just about. A little down at heel, but still popular for its variety performances. General runs two shows a day 6:45 pm and 9:15 pm, each show lasting roughly two hours.

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Maurice's home

Actually a fair sized residence, though Maurice only uses a small part of it regularly. In the garden space at the rear he has a large workshop for his magical props. The house was left to him by his uncle John. It is situated in Marylebone.

The Bar

The unofficial drinking place of the Hippodrome's staff and clientele.

The Swizzle Stick

A club, open late and with a Bohemian clientele. Frequented by Philomena and also Lady Frederica Mortlake. Down in Soho.

The Magical Theatre

Does not occupy a physical space as such, though it may appear so, i.e. will appear to be in a certain street, but a second visit will make clear that it is not there.
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