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Day 26. Market Definition and Narrative Voice Synopsis
1) I think that I'm attempting to write a psychological fantasy. The story will lead to Maurice learning something about himself, and becoming more effective as a result. The road to this discovery of self will be strange in places, with fantasy/surreal elements.

(2) This story has a target audience of one - me. I have no likelihood of publishing it either conventionally or via self publishing. I have no wish to get involved with building a social media presence to sell my work.

(3) Stage magician Maurice encounters the mysterious Philomena, the Devil, not to mention an ancient Egyptian magician and the Cairo cat. Whilst trying to work out if he is in love with Philomena, and dealing with being prime suspect in a murder investigation, Maurice must undertake three strange tasks to gain three wishes. Maybe, just maybe he will get to become a part of the transcendental Theatre of Magic.
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