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Day 28. Character: Protagonist Interview
INTERVIEWER: Maurice, you've outlined that you have had some very strange experiences in the last week or so. How would you say that has affected you?

MAURICE: Oh, I would say the short answer is I've gone completely mad.

INTERVIEWER: And the longer answer?

MAURICE: I've learned a surprisingly large amount both about myself, and the nature of reality in a very short time span.

INTERVIEWER: Could you give me a specific example of each?

MAURICE: Certainly. I learned that I hadn't actually thought much about who or what I am at all. Like most people I imagine, I just blundered along, with no introspection to speak of, just being an ordinary chap. My experiences have taught me hidden capabilities. I can be in two places at once for example.

MAURICE: (From behind Interviewer) And I can shuffle the potentials, and select one to collapse and explore.

INTERVIEWER: (Turning to face the second Maurice). Ah! Yes, I see, two places at once. Useful trick for a magician I guess, is it done with mirrors?

INTERVIEWER: (Turning to face the second Maurice). Ah! Yes, I see, two places at once. What exactly do you mean by collapsing potentials?

INTERVIEWER: (Turning to face the second Maurice). Good lord, you actually can be in two places at once. Can you teach me how to do that?

MAURICE: Picking the option to explain collapsing potentials, Reality usually offers us choices of action, and we choose one of them. The possibilities are the potentials, the collapse is the act of choosing one of them. I have learned that you can examine all the potentials and explore each of them in turn if you so desire.

INTERVIEWER. Very useful I should imagine?

MAURICE: Oh it's great fun. In fact being mad is generally rather fun.

MAURICE: (From behind Interviewer) Yes, I agree.
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