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My thoughts released; a mind set free
#1041101 added November 28, 2022 at 11:41am
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A Goal of Bliting
It's Monday and things are going well. I logged in this morning and read my Notifications; thank you to everyone who has interacted and filled my Notifications so nicely.

I also read through the Newsfeed and found some interesting things to read, some to comment on, and a lot of things to "Like".

I was happy to see that Lilli ☕️🧿 Busy w/Quills is back and we had a "Question of the Day! this morning. It's crazy, but a morning just doesn't seem complete without one.

I also entered a goal in "Weekly Goals again this week. Goals are important, but should not be made impulsively. If a goal is well thought out, it is a form of motivation and reward when the goal is met. But if a goal is not well thought out, it is demotivating and disappointing when it is not. At least, that's my opinion. I know, many would write or say, "In my humble opinion." Seems to me, if they were that humble, they wouldn't be stating their opinions so much. (I do realize, however, that some of those people are truly humble.)

I don't post in "Weekly Goals very often, but if I see a goal I should set, it seems like a nice way to share it with others. Posting goals in itself aids in one being held accountable for that goal, or at least it does for me.

Last week, I set a goal of logging in every day. This is something I need to do simply because I get busy or distracted and procrastinate logging in. First, it's a day or two, then a week, or even a month. (Months) Why? I enjoy the site and spending time here with everyone, or at least almost everyone. So why put off something I enjoy? I blame my upbringing; "first comes work, then comes play" has been instilled in me since I was old enough to do any form of work.

This week I addressed my bliting (blog writing). Yes, I made up my own term for writing in my blog. Hey, I'm a writer, I can do that. Anyway, as I looked back through my blog, I was disappointed at how inconsistent my bliting has been. Originally, I had all intentions of bliting every day. However, to do that, I need something worthy of sharing for each entry or it's just a lot of argle-bargle that not only bores others but drives them away from my blog. (Picture someone seeing this and making the sign of the cross)
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My thoughts released; a mind set free
#1921220 by TJ ~circumventing reality~

I enjoy blogging when I have something to write about, and I hope some of my readers enjoy what I've written. But with weekly and monthly gaps, I also lose people's interest. Therefore it seemed like a good idea to set a goal for writing in here, or bliting, as it's come to be known.

How often? As often as I have something worth writing. I, at first, thought of blogging at least once a week. But, that did not seem like much of a challenge, and we should try and challenge ourselves a bit. So, I decided to provide bliting here at least twice a week. That's my goal, two entries per week.

However, if and when there is more blog-worthy content in my life, I'll share it here with additional bliting.

Do you have any goals to share?

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