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Rated: 18+ · Book · Sci-fi · #2286844
Old novella I wrote between 2000 and 2008, recently updated!
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Chapter 3: Amber’s Prisoner!
Chapter Three: Amber’s Prisoner!

The sides of the desk drawer that I was trapped in were only about six inches high, but at my miniscule stature, they stretched upwards to an unattainable height far above my head. Escape was impossible.

I tried everything, but the pens and pencils were too heavy for me to move, and I couldn't bend the paper clips to make a grapnel hook that I could throw to the top of the desk drawer, because I just didn't have the strength to bend the aluminum. I was trapped!

I realized my only choice was to make contact with the giantess that owned the desk I was inside of, despite the fact that I would surely end up as her prisoner. I decided the only way to make my presence known to her was to make as much noise as possible, until I attracted her attention.

I began piling the paper clips on top of each other, which wasn't an easy task, because to me they were very heavy. Eventually, I had enough piled up that I threw a staple at the pile to make some noise, but Amber didn't hear it, because the endless clacking on her computer keyboard drowned out the sound. I tried again.

After about the third or fourth time, I must've gotten her attention, because I heard her stop typing, and she said:

"What was that?"

At this point, I climbed to the top of the pile of paper clips and began kicking them one by one into a second pile of paper clips, making enough noise that the giantess decided to investigate the soure of the disturbance.

My entire universe seemed to shake all around me as Amber opened the top drawer of her desk, the drawer I was now imprisoned in. Her immense face filled the space above the drawer, and I got my first close look at this pre-teen colossus.

Her long hair was dark blonde with strands of lighter colored locks intermingled, and she had beautiful blue eyes. Her eyebrows were darker than her hair, yet they were detectably dark-blonde in color. She had a good complexion, with a scattering of cute freckles across her nose, but nowhere else. All in all, she was a cute kid.

At first, the titanic pre-teen failed to see me, and I was worried that she would close the desk drawer before I could make her aware of my presence. I jumped up and down and yelled at her, calling her name over and over again. Her gaze soon shifted, and my heart was momentarily paralyzed with fear as the blue eyes of this giantess locked onto me, and I became aware that she was observing me for the first time. The titanic pre-teen addressed me for the first time:

"What on Earth? Who are you? How did you get so tiny, little man?"

Amber opened the desk wider, and reached inside to pick me up. She placed her index finger in front of me, and said:

"Don't be afraid of me, tiny one. You an trust me. Climb onto my finger!"

It wasn't exactly easy, because to me the girth of her index finger was the same height as a one story house. I climbed up onto some of the paper clips, and onto Amber's immense index finger. The giantess lifted me upwards, and I felt slightly dizzy and a little terrified, but she stopped just above the top of her desk, and dumped me out into the palm of her other hand.

She began to lift me still further, until I was just below Amber's chin, so she could examine me more closely. She said:

"Wow! What happened to you, little guy?"

I didn’t need to yell at the top of my lungs to be heard by the daunting damsel, thanks to Nixie. I began explaining in great detail my entire story, how I was shrunk, and how I had arrived here up to this point.

"I guess you're too tiny to escape from the top of my desk! I'll just leave you there until I get back. Don't go anywhere!"

When she returned, she went on to explain that from now on, I had no choice but to remain with her as her prisoner, and that it was for the best, because I would not be safe out in the perilous world by myself at my tiny helpless size. I was too terrified of her superior size and strength to argue with the mighty maiden, so I kept my mouth shut!

At this point, she took out a ruler from the same desk drawer I had been trapped in earlier, and measured my staturer. She said:

"Be sure to stand up straight, Deuce, so I can get an accurate measurement!"

She knew my name was Deuce, because I had told about my adventure. When she placed the plastic ruler vertically next to me, the first thing she said was:

"Half a centimeter! No, wait--"

It took a second glance through the magnifying glass for her to confirm what I already knew:

"Exactly six millimeters tall, Deuce!" she said.

She returned the ruler to her desk drawer, and said:

"Oh, Deuce! We're going to have so much fun together! Just wait and see! But I don't want my mom to find out about you, so I'm going to have to keep you hidden! I'll have to take you with me wherever I go!"

Once that was established, it first dawned on me that I might spend the rest of my days as Amber's prisoner, with no hope of ever knowing freedom again! Not that there was anything to complain about, as the days went by, she treated me quite well.

As far as Amber was concerned, I wass no different to her than a pet mouse or a hamster. It was true that I led a virtually idyllic existance, but I just couldn't get over the fact that I had never met Amber before I'd been shrunk, and if I could've had my choice, it would've been nice to have been captured by a girl that I had known before the lab accident, someone like Jerrica Calypso.

The days turned into weeks, and I soon realized that my chances of escape were slim, if there was any chance at all. The only time there was any possiblity of a chance was when Amber would take me out into her front yard with her when she wanted to read a novel, and she kept me on a checkerboard, so she could moniter my every move, to prevent my escape. In addition to this, Amber took the additional precaution of tying a string around my waist, which she then tied to her wrist, to ensure that any escape attempt would be impossible without her immediate knowledge.

My captivity was a game to her, and she went to great lengths to make sure I could never have even the slightest chance of executing a successful escape attempt. When she went to sleep at night, Amber kept me contained within an inescapable jar that had tiny air-holes punched into the lid. Even had it been possible for me to scale the slick sides of my glass prison, it would've been quite impossible to unscrew the heavy lid, and the air-holes were too small for even me to climb through.

I remember the look on Amber's face the night she captured me, when she had first placed me in the jar. I'll never forget the look of satisfaction on her face as she held the tiny jar firmly in the grip of her left hand, with me contained inside, and she gazed at my helplessness with child-like glee. She had said:

"And that is that! You won't escape from me now, tiny one!"

I knew my only opportunity to escape would be on one of the trips out to the front yard, when she read her novels. I had at first hoped that she would let down her guard and eventually she would allow me to roam around on the checkerboard without being tethered to her wrist, but this was not the case.

In fact, the better she got to know me, the more elaborately she began to tie the knots of the string that I was tied up in. If I tried to untie even one single knot and my mistress became aware of it, she would put down her book and tie no less than half a dozen additional knots to replace the knot I had untied. As I said before, keeping me under her power was a game to her, a game I could never seem to win! Eventually, I began to accept that I would probably remain as Amber's captive for a very long time!

To Be Continued!
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