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Rated: 18+ · Book · Sci-fi · #2286844
Old novella I wrote between 2000 and 2008, recently updated!
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Chapter 11: A Strange Turn Of Events!
Chapter Eleven: A Strange Turn Of Events

When we got home, after the TV interview was over, Jerrica decided to go to a movie. The movie she wanted to see was an Indie film playing in Atascadero, a town not far from where Amber lives. Since that theater was the only location in the county where the movie was playing, she left me at home and went out for the night.

I stayed home in my chamber, under my heat lamp and dozed off. Several hours later, Jerrica returned. She got the glass cube out of her closet, and put me in it. I couldn't figure out what was going on. She loaded the glass cube in the car, with me in it, and started driving.

When we arrived at our destination, Jerrica opened the passenger front door of the car and picked up my cube. Then I saw something that amazed me. It was the front of Amber Ortega’s house! Jerrica carried the cube to the front door and rang the doorbell, and Amber's mother answered. Amber quickly joined her, and eagerly took the cube in her hands.

From my perspective, my cube was huge, but I could see how small it really was as Amber carried it with me inside. One of her hands were big enough to conceal half of one side of the cube. To her, it was like a small toy!

Jerrica then told me the whole story in the Ortega living room. She had ran into Amber at the movie theater, and since Jerrica was a national celebrity because the world knew she was my guardian, Amber recognized her immediately. Amber told Jerrica her side of the story at the theater, and Jerrica decided then and there to turn me over to Amber!

It seems that since the interviews and the courtroom dramas, Jerrica had been getting death threats from people who wanted to own me. Millionaires were even offering her money for me! Jerrica decided that I was better off with Amber Ortega, since she had taken care of me before, and missed me. As far as the rest of the world was concerned, Jerrica wanted them to think I had been kidnapped. My true location would be unknown to the rest of the world. The autobiography I wrote never mentioned Amber by name, her appearance and age were left vague. This made it easier for Amber to adopt me; Jerrica warned Amber that if she revealed to the world that she possessed me, she could also receive death threats, just as Jerrica had. Amber assured both Jerrica and me that she would remain anonymous.

I decided it was for the best, because I wanted what was best for Jerrica. She promised to come visit me from time to time, and she was as good as her word. Over the next several weeks, I got used to living as Amber's toy. Sometimes, when Amber was playing with me, she would tie me to a string and lower me into her mouth, pretending that she had decided to swallow me whole. Of course, as real as it seemed to me, and I fell for it every time, Amber never hurt me.

Alone in my cube as I write this at my toy desk, it has been almost a year since my ordeal began. Amber is at school, she just started the ninth grade. Knowing there is no cure for my diminished stature, I have resigned myself to my fate; I shall spend the rest of my life as Amber's toy. But really, what could a six millimeter man ever expect to be?

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