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Psalm 90:10, "The length of our days is seventy years—or eighty if we are strong....
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A review 2022 and goals 2023
Hello Grands and All others

Well, It is a now a fact 2022 is now nearly history. This will be my year end entry. What a year it has been as always, some good and some not so good. I did not do very good fishing. I caught enough fish for eating but I didn't pile them up either. We did get to Kentucky to see Grandma's sister. It was good we did as I would not be able to drive it know. The gardens did decent in spite of squirrels, rabbits, and deer. Then you add in dryness and plant disease, and it does lend proof to, God does provide when you do your part. We did all of our projected Flea Markets, eight in total. and our selling was decent. We will never get rich, but it is an income supplement. It does get us out with other people. That social aspect is important as I am sort of a recluse. The internet sales did well until mid-June when we went to Kentucky and needed to put the store on vacation setting. It recovered some in fall. But then it was the stroke and eye problems and I had to but it back on vacation setting. I am getting the store back up as I reorganize. but now sales have died. I cannot say I blame people for not buying. I do not sell anything anybody needs, It is all wants from discretionary moneys. The stroke and eye problems were a big factor in 2022. Not being able or wanting to drive is the pits. My eyes have been a problem for some years but have gotten worse. I am getting around okay and function as I need to, But I tire out easily. The years are catching up with me. I think now my greatest joy is sitting and observing and listening to you Grands. What energy and sharpness and quickness you have. But you all are so kind and respectful. You grands have had good parenting. You grands are a blessing.
Now what and how to plan for 2023. I am nervous about 2023. So much challenge it will be. The world and USA with so many problems. It does weigh on me. How will the solution, solutions be found and accepted. The year 2023 will be difficult.
As for the wife and me we are this evening writing down our goals for 2023 as I have done so many years in the past. but first we will review 2022 for our achievements and defects and hopefully that will be a help for 2023 planning. Right now, I can say working to regain some more eyesight will be a priority, working to keep our health is priority. We are going to plant less in the gardens trying to lighten the load some. We will be doing a couple less Flea Markets, so we only do one a month. As for the internet store I want reorganize the inventory making it easier to locate as needed. Hopefully it can stay on line and sales pick up. I will I hope start putting some inventory into consignment auctions. It is that time to do so.
We will still be doing home property maintenance but also hire some painting done. We will not be taking any longer trips. I will try to get a Kayak trailer to make going fishing easier loading. I hope to fish more in the north and put a bunch of fish in the freezer.
This list I am sure is not complete. There will be additions and deletions. but is a start into looking into 2023. The big Priorities will be God Family and Health. I will keep you posted as how we are doing.
We hope you and your bucket list for 2023 find Blessing and Success.

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