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Rated: 18+ · Book · Sci-fi · #2292492
The Microlillans flee a cosmic cataclysm in their own galaxy and journey to Earth!
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Chapter One: Overwhelmed by an Olympian!
Chapter One: Overwhelmed by an Olympian!

The saucer shaped space vessels were ready to take off from the Microlillan launch pads. General Stringer addressed a group of privates and corporals. All of these people, including General Stringer, stood around one inch in height.

“The dimensional portal is set for Earth orbit in the early 1960s. The portal can choose any time or location in the known universe and project the vessels there instantly.”

A normal sized shuttle cruiser controlled the portal; thick cables stretched from the control console in the cockpit of the cruiser to the mechanism that controlled the dimensional portal.

Stringer continued: “Our mission is to go to Earth, find the coordinates of a suitable reality of an uninhabited world that occupies the same location in space as Earth, but in a different reality. Once we have a lock on the quantum signature of the alternate reality we are looking for, we will return through the portal and await orders from General Vertragus. We are only letting low ranking members of our military on this mission, other than myself. We don’t want to risk losing any of our top officers.”

The enlisted men got into the saucer shaped space ships. When Stringer guided the vanguard convoy through the dimensional portal to Earth orbit, he spoke to the onboard computer: “Computer, scan the minds of the people on Earth in this primitive time and find someone who has an affinity for shrunken people, they might be willing to help us.”

The computer chose a young woman in Olympia, Washington, so Stringer patched those coordinates through to the other space vessels. They ended up landing in the woods in Olympia, Washington in 1964. Stringer and some of the others disembarked. As a normal sized young woman approached, one of the corporals shouted: “It’s an Olympian!”

They were found by the 18-year-old woman. She was a mix of Latina and Caucasian, and very beautiful. Stringer left the space craft and made first contact with the teenage girl. She knelt down and befriended Stringer and the other Microlillans. She introduced herself:’ “I’m Demetria Navarro, I’m 18, and a third generation Olympian. Today was the last day of school of my senior year of high school!”

She lowered her right hand, palm side up, and invited Stringer to climb onto her palm. She asked Stringer of their origin, and he told her of the saga of Vertragus:

“On the throne world of the Lillan Imperium, Vertragus was on trial for sedition. The magistrate in charge of the proceedings explained that the fascination Vertragus had with human civilization was perverse. They were even forced to speak to him in English, an Earth language, because Vertragus is so obsessed with humanity that he has learned most of their languages and refuses to speak in his native tongue. Even the name he has chosen for himself is an Earth name. He has led others to follow him. The magistrate continued: “We have been a peaceful race for a thousand millennia, since we achieved technological enlightenment. We are one of the few civilizations in the charted galaxies that have developed a total mastery of time and space. Though we are identical to humans neither you or us are one of them; their DNA is different than ours, and we cannot procreate with them.’”

Vertragus spoke: “This is a pacifistic society, but one thing you people never figured out is that sometimes, violence is the only solution! That’s why I respect humanity, because despite their warlike nature, there is a certain wisdom they possess that our ancestors abandoned long ago!”

The Magistrate replied: “We have no choice but to sentence you to a life sentence, you will be miniaturized by neutrino dissimilation and taken by space warp to the world of the Microlillans! A size inhibitor will be implanted into your spinal column so you can never be restored to normal size! We can’t allow your aggressive philosophy to infect the minds of our youth!”

As Vertragus was taken away, he shouted back at the Magistrate: “One day you will pay for all of this! If not by me, then by fate or destiny! Your society has become too complacent, too dependent on technology!”

Demetria: “So he was miniaturized and taken to a world of tiny people?”

Stringer responded: “Yes, that is what happened to all of us. On Microlilla, we were at a Stone Age level of technology, because none of us were people of science. Vertragus was a renowned scientist and engineer. Within twenty years, he brought us to the same level of technological prowess as Earth was at the Dawn of the 20th century. Vertragus taught all of us to speak English.”

“But your technology is a lot more advanced than ours!” Demetria replied. “What happened next?”

“A group of six cadets arrived in a shuttle cruiser and were stranded among the Microlillans.”

“Were they normal sized like me?” Demetria asked.

“Yes, to us, they were like giants! They forced us to build a dimensional portal powered by the shuttle cruiser, and we worked night and day until that was accomplished. One of them fired a nova bomb at the star our planet orbited, giving us ten years to evacuate our planet before the star explodes. Then the cadets left though the portal and returned to where they originated.”

“Where is the shuttle cruiser now?” Demetria asked.

“We have a matter of months until the star Microlilla orbits explodes due to the nova bomb. The shuttle cruiser remains on the Microlillan planet. We are part of a vanguard, a spear head to seek out a temporary base on Earth where we will be safe. Vertragus wants to establish a colony on an uninhabited world that occupies the same coordinates as Earth, but in a different reality. We can use dimensional rifts to journey back and forth to Earth when needed once we are established there. To do this, we needed to get to Earth first, because our long range scanners in our galaxy won’t allow us to scan for a world in another reality that will fit our needs unless we’re actually on Earth itself. That is why we need your help. Once our colonies are established, we will summon the rest of our people, led by Vertragus!”

Demetria invited Stringer to her home, which was close to the secluded wooded area where the Microlillans had touched down. She carried Stringer and nine other Microlillans in her hands, and placed them on her desk in her bedroom.

“As a third generation Olympian, I’ve always had this fantasy about being a goddess! Every Halloween, I dress up like one. Let me change into my costume, and I’ll show you!”

Two minutes later, the towering teen was dressed in a Roman style tunic. Her arms and legs were bare, and she wore sandals, the straps of which extended almost to her knees. She stood with her arms akimbo, and looked down at the Microlillans, who stood around an inch tall.

“I’ve always wanted to be a giant goddess from mythology, like a monster that devours people! In high school, I studied the Greco Roman myths in hopes that a character like that existed! I never found one, but now I get to act out my fantasies for real!”

As the eminent eighteen-year-old licked her lips, Stringer’s officers looked at him apprehensively. Was it possible that they had made a mistake in trusting this young woman?

To Be Continued!
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