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If you believe in something
Then it is real, for you
It doesn't matter what anyone says
Believing makes it true.

This works with so many things
Because it's about attitude
It's not the circumstances
But it's about gratitude.

"I'm going to win" you think
And then you come in third
Some people might say
Your conviction was absurd.

But if you've tried your best
And if you've learned from the race
Why, then you are a winner
Not a trophy but you've earned grace.

Often to cure an illness
People use a placebo
That means it's all in the mind
It's your faith, you know.

If you believe you can be cured
There are more chances of healing
The hormones that your body releases
Often reflect what the brain is feeling.

If you believe in a Higher Power
Called 'God' 'The Universe' or any other name
The good times will be better
And the tough ones will slowly wane.

It's not what happens, it's how you
respond that really determines
The good, the bad, the ugly
The losses and the wins.

Love this one

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