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This is where I will write about Dreams that I have.
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#213414 added December 14, 2002 at 12:25pm
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12-12 - FUBAR'd
On that night I Had several weird dreams. the first one was short. I had gone to see some friends that I hadn't seen inages. the thing is, they were all younger, like at the time when we seen each other all the time. But here, they would hardly say anything to me, so i ended up leaving, as I did, I glanced across the street at the house that I used to live in and yearned to go back there, for some reason.
The second dream, JC and I were just laying in bed and talking and simply enjoying each other's company. That was sweet and very comforting. It actually last awhile but nothing really ahppened except for that. I can't even remember what we talked about.
The third dream was very disturbing. My sister, nephew and I were in a car with my brother. And he was speeding in between the stoplights. I remember telling him to slow it down. Then as we passed one intersection, we heard sirens, and a cop pulled in front of him and stopped him. The two officers made us all get out of the carThey took my brother's license and was running a check on him. I had my license ready to give them to run a check on me, as they do. One officer went way back behind my brother's vehicle and was directing traffic into the other lane. And then the one that was supposed to be running checks on us was talking casually on his cell phone, to a friend or girlfriend or someone. It was not related to us at all. Then without warning and without running a check on me, he cuffed ME. We were on the left side of the vehicle, in traffic basically. But the thing is, he cuffed me where my left arm went back and between m legs and my right arm went down in front so that my hands were cuffed between my legs. I could barely move. My other asked me, "We're going. Don't you wanna get in?" I told him that I was handcuffed and he asked why and I told him, I didn't know. At this point I was getting frantic and asked him if he would help get me out of jail. He smiled, laughed and said, "Don't look at me." My sister, who was also upset, said she would do what she could to get me out as soon as possible. At that point, I noticed the officer who was directing traffic into the other lane, frantically waving his arms towards the other lane and then ran up onto the curb and grass. The officer who had cuffed me was still on his damn cell phone and not paying attention. That's when I seen a Jeep Grand Cherokee barreling towards us. First was the sight and sound of the jeep smashing into my brother's car, and then the sensation and gut wrenching feeling of it smashing into me, and I assume the officer. Then all went black. That's when I woke up. I actually woke myself up. Needless to say, I was still shaken up after I was awake.
There was another dream that night also, but I cannot recall that one. All I can remember about it, is that it was not weird or unusual. At least I know wasn't hit by a Jeep, in that one.

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