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This is where I will write about Dreams that I have.
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Some Recent Dreams
#1) This one, I had last Thursday night. It was more of a nightmare actually.
I was sleeping when the phone started ringing. When I answered it, it was JC's mom. She told me that someone had found JC's body. My heart immediately sank and I started bawling so horribly. about that time, COH had popped online and said she was glad to see me, and told me that BOH had been hit by a car and was really bad. She said that it did not look good, fo him. At that point in the dream, I was so messed up. I had no idea what to do. To make it worse, as I was walking out the door, I don't know for sure where I was going, DA's sister pulled up and told that he had committed suicide. I immediately ran over to JMC's. When tehre wasn't an answer, I kicked the door in and when i entered his room, there he was covered in blood, on his bed, and on the floor were BOH, JC, and DA. I actually woke myself up screaming and crying. It literally took me about an hour to calm myself down and realize that it was just a horrible nightmare, enough to get back to sleep.

#2)Saturday night - I was driving in an old car, a Pinto, I think. Ugh. I was with my mom, sister and nephew. There was a white sports car in front of us, and a tractor-trailer in front of it. Behind us, was a small pick-up. All of a sudden before I could react, the red sports car had rearended the the tractor-trailer and I his the car and the truck hit us. We managed to pull the vehicles off the road, while we waited for the police to get there. All of a sudden we were in the parking lot of the bar, I frequented and used to work at. The wreck hadn't even been on that street, as a matter of fact, we had been clear across town. (Yeah, we pulled way off the road.LOL) I was looking for my insurance papers and could find them. All of a sudden, my brother was there, also and he said "You'd better hurry, teh car is leaking gas and it's smoking really badly." Then I started looking for a cd, that I did not want to lose. When I found it, it didn't occur to me in the dream, like it was no big deal, but the name on the cd was BOH. I had to save that cd. well, several hours later, the police had not shown up and I walked over the people in the sports car, to see if they had heard anything, and they said that the cops were not gonna be there. But the strange part is, the driver of the sports car was NASCAR driver, Mark Martin. (Huh? Where he came from I have NO idea.)
My car never did explode, or even catch on fire for that matter. The next thing I know, we were all driving home.

#3) Last week, I think Wednesday(not sure).- For some reason, I was with a friend and we were both depressed and felt like crap. I'm not sure why or what had happened. It wasn't a very detailed dream, but anyway we ended up making love. Afterwards, we decided that, that was what we both wanted and were gonna make it work. I know, it's not a relly weird dream, I guess. But, it was just kinda unexpected.

Well, until next time. :)

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