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Item #794350
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Item #794350
About the Website's Index Page
The Index Item is the item that will display when a visitor types in your domain name or visits the homepage of your domain's website. This item can be a WebPage, Static Item, Survey Form, Message Forum... it's up to you!

For your convenience, when you create a WebSite for your domain the system automatically creates an index WebPage for that website. This can be found in your main portfolio.

You can then:
*Bullet* use this WebPage item and edit it with your own HTML
*Bullet* or use another item and simply add its item ID as the index for your website by choosing:
         1) Premium Plus pulldown menu
         2) Manage Web Sites
         3) Edit: Config

NOTE: When creating a new Index for your website, be sure to choose the correct "WebSite" under Section 1: Basic Item Information on that item's creation page. This tells the system to only display that item on that particular website.
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