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Item #794350
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Item #794350
About the Website's Footer
The Footer is the area of the website located at the bottom of every page. When created and setup in the configuration area of your website, the item will display consistently throughout your entire site. This makes editing the Footer area very easy; any change made to the footer's item is automatically reflected throughout the entire website.

For your convenience, when you create a WebSite for your domain the system automatically creates a footer WebPage for that website. This can be found in your main portfolio.

You can then:
*Bullet* use this WebPage item and edit it with your own HTML
*Bullet* or use another WebPage item and simply add its item ID as the footer for your website by choosing:
         1) Premium Plus pulldown menu
         2) Web Site / Domain Name
         3) Edit: Config

Tip: You can exclude the header and footer from any item within your site by setting the "Header and Footer Display" item preference to "Exclude Header and Footer".

NOTE: When creating a new Footer for your website, be sure to choose the correct "WebSite" under Section 1: Basic Item Information on that item's creation page. This tells the system to only display that item on that particular website.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/794350