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Item #794350
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Item #794350
The 'Portfolios Available' Configuration
When enabled, the Portfolios Available configuration enables members of the host's web site to:
         *Bullet* create their own items
         *Bullet* build online portfolios
         *Bullet* keep favorite Items and Authors
         *Bullet* [coming soon] buy and trade Gift Points
         *Bullet* [coming soon] advertise items and sites using a BidClick system

Items Created on the Web Site
Any item(s) created within the site by the site's members count toward the host's total item limit. For example, Enterprise members have a total item limit of 5,000 items. If the member would like to allow members to create 5 items on their website and there are 200 members, then those 1,000 items are deducted from the Enterprise member's 5,000 total as they are created. This allows for more growth

In the future...
*Bullet* Enterprise members will be able to add blocks of item space for a fee once they reach the 5,000 limit. This allows for successful web site growth and expansion.
*Bullet* Enterprise members will be able to offer their web site's members paid memberships for enhanced services. This will be very similar to Writing.Com's paid membership levels. This can create a stream of revenue for the host of that web site.

*Bullet* From your Premium Plus pulldown menu, choose "Manage Web Sites".
*Bullet* From the Web Site Management page, choose the web site for which you would like to configure. Choose "Edit: Config" under the preferred domain name. Scroll to the "Web Site Configuration" area and find "Portfolios Available".

This configuration may only be enabled at the Enterprise membership level.
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Created: 12-30-03 @ 8:30pm | Modified: 01-02-04 @ 2:17am      

Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/794350