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What Is Premium Plus Membership?
Premium Plus Membership allows members the ability to set up and manage their own offsite domain names and websites right from within their Writing.Com portfolio!

No need to know or understand high-tech mumbo jumbo, this membership for website hosting is very simple and easy to use. Premium Plus members simply use the established tools of Writing.Com to setup everything up!

Premium Plus members have the ability to setup two (2) domain names and create working websites for each using tools provided by Writing.Com:
*Bullet* Allow Memberships: this setting enables people to sign up for membership on your website (includes email and full participation in forums, interactives, etc.)
*Bullet* WebPages: using HTML and WritingML, these pages will display and link like normal webpages
*Bullet* Static Items: display any Static item with or without the headers just by linking to it
*Bullet* Message Forums: provide a message forum on your website for its members to communicate with each other
*Bullet* In & Outs: use this tool to create a guestbook on your website where members may leave comments
*Bullet* Groups: organize separate groups of members within your own website
*Bullet* Survey Forms: setup any survey form to request information from visitors to your website
*Bullet* Interactive Stories: create either of these for your website and the website's members may participate in them
*Bullet* Mass File Uploading: upload many different file types at the same time with one click of the mouse; files can range from docs to wavs, PDFs, GIFs and more!
*Bullet* PassKeys: protect any item within your own website with a PassKey; visitors to your page will need to enter the PassKey or set up a Survey Form so they can request one from you!

Create your own online community... run your business's website... market your newest publication! Be creative with the tools from Writing.Com and Premium Plus Members will have a working, running website in no time!
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