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Cinderella's life after the glass slipper. Other fairy tale scenarios included.
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The Secret Room
My Prince and I went to see Belle and her Prince's new baby. We bought Emerald with us and two of our maids. It was a sunny day until it turned to into a rainy dreary day. We didn't have far to go luckily. Belle and her Prince were so happy to see us. Their baby boy is so cute. They named him Prince Daniel. Our Princes wanted to commit our children to each other in marriage in the future. I said no. Our children have the right to grow up and make the decision themselves if they want to marry. I want my daughter to marry for love but that is years away.

Belle took my hand and we walked to the third floor of her castle. She wanted me to see a secret room. I was curious. The hall way at the end was so dark and eerie. There were pictures on the wall of her Prince's ancestors who looked angry. There were a few cob webs and a knight's shining armour standing to the left of a huge oaken door. Belle whispered for me to be quiet. She grabbed a hold of the lion handle on the door and it groaned as she opened it. The room was dark but then it suddenly lit up and there were people in this room. I grasped and held my breath. The people looked like me, my Prince, Belle, her Prince, my step mother and sisters. There was also Snow White and her dwarfs! Belle put a finger to her lips. I almost stepped into the room but Belle held my hand and told me to stay back. I can't believe these people look like us! Is this a magician's trick? The one woman that looked like me was yelling at Belle and the dwarfs. My Prince {the man who looked like him} was spilling drinks all over the floor. The poor dwarfs were trying to clean it up and the one woman who looked like Mom slapped one of the dwarfs. This was awful. I almost ran in the room to tell Mom she couldn't do that to the dwarfs but Belle held me back. The next thing I knew the woman who looked like me threw out a necklace that had a big purple gem stone in it. I picked up the necklace and held it up. I saw a big purple dragon in it flying. It looked so peaceful. A flash of lightning flickered and the room with the people were gone! Belle and I both breathed a sigh of relief. I asked Belle what that was all about. She said it was called two presents coming together and the people were our counterparts. I remembered the knights talking about this. The knights tell so many tales that you don't know what to believe. Belle and I left the hall and went back downstairs to our Princes. They didn't believe us when we told them about the room. They said we have active imaginations. I didn't show my Prince the mysterious necklace. I will ask my fairy godmother what it means. I could ask the dragons. This is one trip I won't forget. I hope I don't act like my counterpart. I will ask my fairy godmother to look in at Belle's. She promised not to bother that room anymore. It wouldn't be safe. The next time we go to Belle's, we will stay away from the third floor.
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