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Cinderella's life after the glass slipper. Other fairy tale scenarios included.
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A Goat Saves The Day
*Flower1* *Flower3* *Flower4**Flower5* *Flower6* *Flower3* *Flower4* *Flower5*A while back, some goats were purchased in the market. My Prince bought them for me. I was so amazed when one of the goats had a baby.A cute little brown goat that is so sweet that I swear she's an angel in disguise. The mother goat rejected her. It is so sad. Belle and I learn to feed out her out of bottles. We had to dip our fingers into the milk and she got the hang of it. She's my baby and I named her Cinnamon. Soon, I will have three kids to raise. Emerald, Cinnamon{whose is a kid goat. How cute!} and my son when he gets here. Cinnamon follows Belle and I everywhere and she ate some flowers out of the garden.*Flower5* *Flower3* *Flower4* Edna, the maid wasn't happy about this and she chased the poor little goat all over with a broom. I couldn't allow this. I told Edna I will keep an eye on my little friend. Emerald loves Cinnamon and she loves her, too. Belle wants to take her back to her and her Prince's castle when they leave and I said "No way. She's my baby and she will grow up with my son and Emerald. Cinnamon has proven to be worh her weight in gold.
It was so cold and foggy one night and I didn't feel well because of the baby who will be here soon. I went to bed. Belle sat with me for awhile and I fell asleep. I woke up to the sounds of yelling and screaming. I got out of bed and slowly made my way downstairs. I saw what the noise was all about! Seven pirates had invaded the castle! One was swinging on the chandilier and one had grabbed Belle and was trying to kiss her. The other pirates were stuffing silver in their bags. My Prince was sword fighting with one of them as my father-in-law was in a sword fight with one. I couldn't move and I didn't want these pirates to see me so I snuck out the door. I had to get help. The knights were away and the guards hadn't done a good job of keeping these pirates out. I asked my fairy Godmother what to do. She told me to let the goats out. I let the goats out and Cinnamon was the first to run into the castle. She tripped one of the pirates and she started biting on the pirate's leg who was doing battle with my Prince. She knocked over a big container of milk in the kitchen and the pirates chased her and three of the pirates fell. Cinnamon jumped on one of the pirates and I think she wet on him. Just then Mom came through the door and she was carrying my father's sword and she waved it at the pirates. Cinnamon and the other goats chased the other pirates and they knocked them down when they went through their knees. Luckily, the knights had come back early and they took care of the pirates. The pirates were thrown in the dungeon. It wasn't a good night. My Prince embraced me and we embraced Belle who said she was alright. Cinnamon came up to us and we petted her. She had saved the day. The King decided the castle need more guards and knights. The new rule is some of the knights will be posted on the castle grounds at all times. Emerald had remained safe in bed and I'm glad she didn't venture out. I was disappointed my fairy Godmother didn't take her wand and make the pirates disappear but she told me she knew the goats and Cinnamon would protect us and the knights were on the way home to the castle. One of the guards was a friend of the pirates and he had let them in. He, too is in the dungeon. The King will probably exile all of them to Wales. Life is quiet once again at the castle and Belle and I spoil Cinnamon. My Prince and I dote on Emerald and will dote on our son, too once he gets here. My Prince Charming loves playing with Emerald and our little goat. I am lucky to have them.
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