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Cinderella's life after the glass slipper. Other fairy tale scenarios included.
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Trapped in the Secret Room
My Prince and I went to stay with Belle and her Prince at their castle. I left my babies in mother's, my sisters and the nurse's capable hands. I miss my babies when ever I leave.

Belle and I should have stayed out of the secret room. We couldn't wait to visit it again. We crept down the spooky hall as usual, nervously giggling with anticipation. Belle opened the door to the secret room, the room was bare, empty and dark. Just then lightning appeared and so did the people who looked like us, mother, our princes and friends Aurora{Sleeping Beauty} and Snow White. Belle and I weren't paying attention and we stepped over the line. We were in the secret room, too! We were trapped!

The woman who looked like me screamed and said I was an fake! She yelled for the guards to seize me! She grabbed me and pulled my hair! The seven dwarfs were there and pushed down the woman who looked like me. I told them thanks but I had to help Belle. She was being taken away by the guards. People were throwing food at us and I whispered to my fairy godmother to please help me. I grabbed the necklace with the dragon inside that I was wearing around my neck. I tried to help Belle as I kicked one of the guards but the guards grabbed me, too after the woman who looked like my step mother slapped me. The next thing I knew Belle and I were in the dungeon. Would we be trapped in this time warp? Why didn't we just stay away from that room? Belle and I hugged each other and cried. What a terrible mess we were in!

Just then there was a crashing noise. We saw the walls of the dungeon crashed down. There was rubble and broken stones everywhere. Belvedere appeared! Our sweet dragon friend! He told Belle and I to get on his back and we did. We flew so high in the air as the guards threw knives and swords at us. Belvedere breathed fire on the castle we had been trapped in and burned it down. I was so scared! What about the secret room?

Belle and I fainted and when we woke up, we were back at Belle's castle by the secret room. The room was nothing but ashes and all black. Belle and I looked at each other. We were done with this secret room business. She and I promised not to tell our princes. They didn't believe us before when we told them about the room. This was a closed chapter and a book never to be opened again.

Belle and I took walks to the pond to feed the ducks and we read books. We played with her child Daniel. No more adventures for us. Fairy godmother had sent the dragon to save us. It was a Belvedere look alike. I still have the necklace but I put it in my jewelery box when I got home. Prince Nolan is growing and Emerald loves taking care of her baby brother. I love being with my Prince and children. If I wouldn't have gotten out of that other time, I would miss out on being with my family. I promise to mind my own business for now on. I am thankful for the life I have here at my own castle. The wedding of my father-in-law the King and step mother Lady Tremaine is in three days. It will be an event to remember I am sure.
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A beautiful sig made for Cinderella's Journal by best friend Angel.
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