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Poems about war in general and US war on terrorism in particular.
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US,SEARCH YOUR HEART'rated (perhaps spitedly) 3 by 2 viewers
US,SEARCH YOUR HEART'rated (perhaps spitedly) 3 by 2 viewers

[ A few drops of blood, from the poet's heart, for blood spilt in desert]

US, search your heart and say
That you made a mistake;
That you goofed up in Iraq
And a fine mess did make;

That all those WMD,
In fact, did not exist;
That you only made them up,
Simply to make a list

Of the reasons why Saddam
Be eliminated--
‘His plans to fight the US
Need to be frustrated’;

That you violated rules
Of international law;
And that your own conduct had
Just too many a flaw;

That you captured civilians,
Ferried them far away,
As the prisoners of war, to
Guantanamo Bay,

Including even young boys,
Aged only years thirteen,
Subjecting them to torture,
By new methods umpteen;

That the Marines you sent to
Iraq to fire cannons,
Broke in Abu Ghraib prison
All Christian canons;

That piling of naked men
For cruel inspection
By smiling female Marines,
Does invoke revulsion;

That you have verily sinned,
Against man and the God.
You played on democracy
And human rights, a fraud!

* Written in abcb, 7-6-7-6 format
* The details of Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse, including sexual abuse, can be viewed at:

M C Gupta
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