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Poems about war in general and US war on terrorism in particular.
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[Thoughts of freedom in the mind of a young civilian incarcerated in Abu Ghraib, Iraq, by US army]

Who am I?
Imprisoned soul
In a mere mortal frame;
Like a bird, with wings clipped down,
Sitting in a cage, tamed.

Who am I?
Life imprisoned,
By customs of the world;
Not free to show my love for
The one who stole my heart.

Who am I?
Imprisoned man,
Who loves his motherland;
Who wants to be left in peace
By the rest of the world.

But, no!
I am denied this,
And captured by Marines;
Naked, I am tortured and
Dogs are set loose on me.

* Pictures of the events in the last stanza have been splashed globally.

M C Gupta 'Khalish'
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