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#351492 added September 13, 2007 at 7:49am
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The Forgotten Dolls
I am writing about the dolls I own and the feelings they would have if I moved them to an attic. I don't live in a Victorian Mansion but I hope I do someday. I will mention a housefire which really happened to me and try to describe the dolls I talk about in this item. I saved some of the dolls from the fire and I have bought new ones since then. I hope you will enjoy this. As for this journal itself, I hope that someone will enjoy all my writings someday a hundred years from now. Now, for the story.

Megan and her husband Dean were so happy when they moved into the four story Victorian Mansion. There was so much room for everything. They kept the house as it looked in the 1800's but they had to make some remodeling adjustments. Megan decorated with her up to date cherry wood furniture. She also used her brass beds. She used the old quilts that she had found there. She kept the kitchen, porch and most of the rooms in 1800's fashion.

Her beautiful doll collection that she had cherished forever, she decided to put them in the attic. She had too much other things to do in the house. She spent a lot of time by the ocean and lighthouse near by. The lighthouse was hers and Dean's. It was like Megan no longer cared about the dolls.

Gretchen, the Irish doll all dressed in green satin and white, wearing a hat to match said:"I wish that I was real. I could live in Ireland and walk the beautiful green hills. Megan has forgotten us, hasn't she?"

The beautiful Princess Diana doll all dressed in a long blue velvet dress sighed. "She is busy with the house she and her husband have just bought. I went through her housefire and she took me to a doll repair woman and made me beautful again. She would never toss us aside." She bowed her head and her pearl crown fell off as a tall porcelain doll dressed in red with pearls, with blonde hair pushed Princess Diana's crown back on her head.

The Cinderells dolls look sad. A porcelain look that looked like the Disney Cinderella doll said: "I can't believe that she would forget us. Cinderella is her favorite Princess and my sister Cinderella dolls, well she loves us. She loves all of us."

The Barbie dolls looked at the sunlight coming shining through the window. The oldest Barbie, a 1960 blonde, with a pony tail spoke. "Megan has had me since she was five. I made it through the fire. I am used to be in doll cases, drawers and where ever I ended up. I am tired. I know Megan still cares about us."

A blonde porcelain doll with gray eyes and eyelashes, in a lavender striped dress, that looked like Little Bo Peep smiled. "Stop feeling sorry for yourselves. Megan keeps pinning this stupid hat back on me when ever she walks past me."

A blond type looking Maire Antionette doll in a green velvet dress said:" Let her eat cake."
The blonde porcelain Barbie Marie Antionette, in her silver jewelery said: "Okay, Marie Antionette wanna be. No wonder Marie Antionette had a bad rep. Megan will give us our own room. She is busy decorating this house like Princess Diana said earlier."

Samantha Parker, the black haired American Girl Doll spoke up. "It isn't bad here. There are no mice. Tigger, her stripped cat comes and visits us. She sniffs us and rubs against us. She hasn't forgotten us. I liked being loved by a cat."

Rose, the beautiful red haired doll from the movie TITANIC, wearing the blue velvet dress like in the famous kiss scene, said: "I wish that she had a Jack doll for me. I wouldn't feel so lonesome. I am glad that the rest of you dolls are here, though."

A little blonde plump baby doll spoke next. "The teddy bears get to sit in a wagon and are lined up by the fireplace."

"How do you know?" asked a pretty porcelain, black haired Victorian doll, all dressed in red velvet.

The baby doll smiled. "I crawl around the steps at night and look at the house. Megan doesn't have all the rooms decorated. I am sure that she has a place for us."

Misty, a beautiful 26 inch blonde doll, dressed in a blue nylon dress, with a matching dress had made it through the fire years ago, spoke."Look. All my doll friends perished except three and the Barbies that made it in the fire. Megan cried for days after the fire. She saved what she could of us dolls that didn't get destroyed. She moved us surviving ones into a nice pretty blue room in her new house. She told us that she loved us and we would have new friends. She bought all of you. She would never forget us. Stop whining, ladies."

The other dolls got quiet. The three wedding dolls, all dressed in white didn't say anything. Two weeks went by and Megan entered the attic one day. She smiled at the dolls. "I bet you thought that I forgot you. I have the perfect room for you. You will love it girls as much as I love all of you." The dolls smiled.

Megan took them to a room that had a castle in the room and huge glass display cases. She put some of the dolls in the castle like the Cinderella ones and Marie Antionette ones. She also put the porcelain blonde Rapunzel and Princess Diana in the castles. Marie, Cinderella, Diana and Rapunzel yelled out: "Were home! Look at our cool home. Our own castle!"

The baby type dolls were placed on a day bed and the rest the dolls were placed in glass display cases. They felt so loved. Megan would never forget them. She loved them like her children and always would. Megan came into the room frequently and made sure that they were dusted and safe. How could they have ever doubted her love for them? The dolls were one of the best things in life for Megan. Once Megan could have sworn that she heard them say that they love her and thanks for being their mother. A doll's life is happy when she and they are loved.
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