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The ABC's Of Me
I did this for a scrapbook of me. I have taken each letter and wrote things about me. Enjoy!

The ABC's Of Me

A: I have an Associates Of Arts Degree towards Journalism. I love Alice Cooper and have seen him in concert a few times. I am an Author. I love animals. Anegel is my friend at Writing.com I believe in angels. I love animals and wish I could start my own rescue shelter. I am good at acting. I lived in Arizona and Arkansas with my parents when Dad was in the Air Force.

B:I like Bette Midler and love the Beatles. I love to go to Bonner's Christmas Store in Michigan. I like bears. I love Barbie Dolls and Beanie Babies. I love to go to the Beach.

C: I would love to be Cinderella and I love castles. I love Cher's and Celine Dion's music. I also love Glen Campbell and live in the country. Christmas is my favorite holiday. God bless Johnny Cash. My house is decorated in cherry wood and I adore Clifford the Big Red Dog! I like to color and I love cats.

D:I believe in destiny. I collect dolls. I love to watch Desperate Housewives and Days Of Our Lives. Dragons are cool! I love Disney, the TV Show Dallas and Dark Shadows Show. Johhny Depp is the best! I will never forget Princess Diana.

E: I love Easter. I think Egypt and England would be cool places to visit. I love Eeyore! I

F: I love to have fun. I am a fan of fantasy. I love to do Free Lance Writing and adore the singing group Fleetwood Mac.

G: I like giraffes. I love to watch Gilligan's Island and Green Acres. Princess Guinevere is my favorite Princess. I love Garfield.

H:I am a home person. I love husky dogs. George Harrison was the best Beatle. Hayden Christensen is sexy and handsome. Don't you love how he played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars? He is the best actor around!

I: I would like to visit Ireland. I live in Indiana.

J: I believe in Jesus. I wanted to work in Journalism. I love to write in my Journals.

K: Kate Winslet is my favorite actress. Kasey Kayne is my second favorite race car driver. President John Kennedy was my favorite President.

L: Leonardo DeCaprio is one of my favorite actors. I Love Lucy is one of my favorite shows. Lighthouses are cool. I wish I could have met President Lincoln.

M: I would like to live in Maine. I work in mental health. Hooray for Mickey Mouse!

N: I love Nascar! Novels are hard to write but I have written three have one published.

O: One of my favorite shows is THE O.C.

P: I believe in Peter Pan. Passions is one of my favorite soaps. I write with passion. I love to write about Princesses. I have a published novel called Passage To Romance. I was in Beauty Pageants in High School. Photo Albums and Scrapbooks are priceless.

Q: I am the Queen of my Castle.

R: I love rabbits and Rock and Roll. I like the rain. Ryan Newman is my favorite race car driver. I love Reba McIntire. I love Riverdance and roses are my favorite flowers.

S: I love to watch soaps! I enjoy writing short stories. I love to design scrapbooks and have done quite a few. I love the Smokey Mountains. I collect Snow Babies. I adore Star Wars. My favorite author is Danielle Steel. I wish I could sing. I love to shop! I love Dr. Seuess and The Cat in the Hat. I love the lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida.

T:I am a big Twilight Fan. I have all the books and movies. I collect Twilight items. I love Bella, Edward and Jacob and everything about Twilight! I love That 70's Show. Titanic is my favorite movie. Thomas Kincaid is the best painter. I lived in Tennessee when I was thirteen.

U: I love unicorns.

V: I love the color violet. I love Victorian Houses and everything Victorian.

W: I love to write. I love Winnie the Pooh. I love wolves. I have lived in Washington State and Washington, D.C.

X: I like the show Xena.

Y: I hate yogurt. I love Yoda.

Z: I like zebras and visiting the zoo.

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