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Autograph Book
I found an autograph book that I have had since I was twelve. This autograph book was at my mother's house. If it would have been here at my house, it might have got burned in the fire I had a few years back.

The autograph book is red and vinyl. The spine is tore and the latch is broke but it is still priceless. I opened the book and there are pages for your name, school, teacher and two pages for pictures. I didn't put any pictures in. I find a page where I wrote the Class Cheer. Here it is:
Let's cheer for the red,
Let's cheer for the white-
Let's cheer for our team
because they're alright!
Bobcats{our team} are the best!

I had forgotten about that cheer.I turned the pages of the book. The pages are in light blue, green, yellow and pink. My mother signed the first page. She thinks that I am the sweetest little girl on earth and I mean a lot to her and says she loves me. I knew that. I love her, too. My grandparents signed it, too. Grandma signed Love you Always: Grandma
Here is Grandpa's:
In this world there is all kind of stew and all kinds of brew but in this world there is no one quite like you. Love: Grandpa
He and Grandma are in Heaven and I miss them.

I had friends sign my little book. Some boys wrote messages in my little book. Some say I am cute, a good classmate and friend and wish me luck in the future.I had friends from Indiana and Tennessee sign my autograph book. My father signed this book. TO A SWELL GIRL. AS ALWAYS: YOUR FATHER. That was sweet. A boy who drowned in Junior High signed my book. He wrote to a very nice girl. Mike Anderson "74" Sweet "74" Too bad Mike couldn't be with us but we dedicated the annual to him in 74. I am sure he is in Heaven waiting on us. See you, Mike. You were a nice guy. We missed you in school over the years.

My girl scout leader signed my little book, too. She writes may my days of scouting be long and happy. She has enjoyed having me in scouts. She was a dear lady who died a few years back. I had a crush on her son Stanley but we were no more then close friends.

I have a an autographed picture of Twiggy in here. It was a picture card off the doll box I got when I got Twiggy for a Birthday present.

The next few pages are autographs I will cherish forever. I have Junior Samples of "Hee-Haw". I saw him in person at Angola Ranch Park in Indiana. Grandma loved her Country music. I also have autographs here of Merle Haggard, Jack Greene, Ralph Emery, the man who had his own show in Nashville, Tennessee and he had new country singers as well as popular ones. I also have Mary Robbins autograph. Last but not least, Bobby Hardin's autograph. He had a hit song with his sisters, the Harden Trio called TIPPY TOEING. He had a song out for six weeks called: DON'T DRIVE ME." He didn't get famous but in Nashville, there are a lot of wanna be country singers but we all have dreams.

This is little book has bought back a lot of memories. Thanks for reading. I hope you have enjoyed this. Hugs: Megan
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