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Rated: 13+ · Book · Friendship · #984020
This is about the pitfalls of a superstar athlete who is trying to remain true to himself.
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#355610 added July 25, 2005 at 5:23pm
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As he walked through the impassable sea of paparazzi an unnoticeable smirk crossed his lips. The flash from the camera bulbs blinded and overwhelmed him like the unmerciful waves of a typhoon. Questions pelted him seemingly from out of nowhere.

“What’s this about? Are you returning to the game? Are you being named manager? “.

Even with all the attention and people trying to grab a piece of history he just politely stepped through the crowd waving and occasionally shaking the hand of an acquaintance who acted like they were long lost relatives.

After negotiating the shark infested hall, A.J. knocked lightly on the door and it opened to reveal a salt and peppered haired man who was displaying a disappointed look on his aged face.

“You’re late?!” declared Teddy trying to restrain a laugh behind his ever-growing smile.

”What can I say - have you seen the traffic out there"? As he pointed to the never-ending hall of reporters the door closed and the two men embraced in a hug and exchanged hellos.

“Good to see ya A.J. Long time no speak.”

“Yeah how was the trip Teddy?”

“You know; been in one private jet been in them all” responded Teddy. At that they both busted out in laughter that seemed to last forever.

A.J. was torn at the sight of his old buddy. On the one hand it was good to be in the company of a true friend but at the same time his pal looked as if he hadn’t slept in days. His clothes were wrinkled, there were bags under his eyes and the look on his face said, “At any moment I am gonna collapse”.
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