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Trip To The Christmas Store
My husband, mother and I just got back from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth is a German orientated town. The stores are named after German words. There is a clock shop that sells German clocks. One of the restaurants is called Zanders. The waiters and waitresses dress like old country German people. This place serves the best chicken dinners and the food is delicious. Carriages driven by horses are seen going through town. The horses are black and white with feet that have hair on them like the Budweiser Team. Their are a couple of covered bridges and a river near by. There are fudge shops and cheese shops, gift stores and clothing stores as well. This is a nice little town to visit.

The biggest attraction here is Bronner's Christmas Store. This store is huge. The outside of the store has life size nativity statues, angel statues, Snowmen, deer, Santa, elves and all kind of items that light up at night. I bet there are two hundred items like this all over the place. It is Christmas here all year round. There is a chapel off by itself and it, too is beautiful. It is called SILENT NIGHT MEMORIAL CHAPEL. This is a replica of the one of Oberndorf, near Salzburg, Austria. Silent Night is heard inside and outside the Chapel. This is a sacred place and makes you feel close to God and Jesus.

The Christmas Store has animated nativity scenes, animated Christmas Carolers, dolls, Santa, Elve and animated animals displayed all over the store. You can buy ornaments from Ireland, Netherlands, England and all over the world. There is also Christmas CD's, plus tons of ornaments. You can buy some in the hobbies theme, seaside, lighthouse, animals, Children's characters, Victorian Theme, Nativity ornaments, colored and decorative ornaments. There are also bird ornaments and I can't name all the other ornaments available but there are tons of ornaments. There are books, toys, Snowbabies, Christmas Village Sets, inflatable balloon type figures of Christmas characters and if you don't find it there, chances are the Christmas item doesn't exist. I love this store and I love to shop. This is probably my favorite store in the whole world. My closet is full of Christmas items! Since we have a new room now that is a family room, my husband told me that I can decorate for the holidays in that room instead of the living room and dining room table. Sounds good to me.

My mother, husband and I stayed in a hotel room downtown. The room had a microwave, refigerator, couch, chair and two beds. My mother slept on the couch that converted into a bed. She made me think of Cousin Ernie on I Love Lucy At least she didn't sleep in the middle of it! I got up doing the night to get my Pepcid and I bumped into the couch bed and scared my mother. We just laughed. We usually stay at the hotel next to the Christmas Store and get to see the lights from the Christmas Store but not this time. I miss that. We did drive from our hotel to the Christmas Store to see the lights. I wish I could live in Frankenmuth but I suppose I would get tired of living there. If you get a chance to go to Frankenmuth, please do so. It will be worth your time. I promise. The Christmas Store is Christmas all year round and Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!
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