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This is about the pitfalls of a superstar athlete who is trying to remain true to himself.
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Next season teddy and A.J. were promoted to the varsity team. They already had a starting 1st baseman so Teddy had to be content with being a backup player. It was tough at first because he felt that he was better than the starter but after talking with A.J. he realized that he was lucky just to be on the team so he didn’t make a big stink. Instead he worked harder than ever and made sure that he was ready to shine when he got his chance.

A.J. was penciled in at 2nd base and the coach had him hitting 3rd in the batting order. A.J. picked up right where he left off the previous year. He was leading the team in stolen bases, on base percentage and extra base hits. The unexpected surprise was the additional power A.J. had in his bat. Going into the second half of the season he was only 3 homeruns shy of his total for last year.

Teddy saw limited action as a backup and given the solid play of the regular 1st baseman he had to face facts. He probably wouldn’t break into the starting lineup this season. The only good thing was that the 1st baseman was a senior and he knew the spot would be his next year. But then something happened to alter this plan.

During a game with a rival school the catcher collided with a base runner and was knocked out cold. The regular backup was out with bronchitis so the coach had to make a decision. “Wilcox! Grab some catcher pads you’re going in!” Teddy didn’t hesitate and he didn’t disappoint either. He had 3 hits and 2 homers in the game and became the starter for the remainder of the season. It took him a while to learn the hand signals and how to call the right pitch. His defense also had a few holes in it but he made up for these flaws with his power and infectious personality. By the end of the year he had settled in and he was voted the team’s most valuable player.

Teddy and A.J. were quickly becoming 2 of the top prospects in the state. By the end of their junior year they both were being recruited by several colleges and on more than one occasion a pro scout had been seen in the stands at one of their games. In his junior year Teddy tied the state homerun record while A.J. led the state in both stolen bases and total bases during his sophomore and junior years.

Both youths were excelling in the classroom as well as on the field. A.J. had made the honor roll the last 3 semesters in a row and Teddy had brought his G.P.A. up to a high b average. A.J. wanted to ask Ashley for a date and he even tried several times. The problem was that every time he started to speak the only thing that came out was gibberish. After uncountable failed attempts he resigned himself to being alone – until the prom rolled around that is. He figured this was his last shot at the enigmatic beauty that had eluded him for the last 3 years. But just his luck when he asked her she had already agreed to go with, James Spencer, the captain of the football team. After that they became a couple and were inseparable for the next two years.

A.J. got a date thanks to his good old buddy Teddy but he was disappointed that it was not Ashley. If only he had transferred the guts he displayed on the diamond to talking to girls - Ashley would be with him and not a sleazebag like Spencer.

James Spencer was a rich kid who had everything given to him on a silver platter. He had a personal trainer which aloud him to become the school’s star athlete and the town’s favorite son. Spencer had an ego the size of Texas and he took it for granted. He also felt that since he was the town hero he could do or say anything and no one would say a word. He was jealous that a weasel like Spencer was with the girl of his dreams. Of course later in life A.J. will learn, as we all must at some point in our lives, that the first girl you fall in love with isn’t always the one you were meant to be with. And guys like James “I am better than you are” Spencer don’t always end up being successful in life. In fact more times than not they become the butt of all the jokes at the ten year reunion.

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