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#400683 added January 19, 2006 at 10:41pm
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They Never Learn

{c}Man Accused Of Sexually Explicit Talk With "Teen"
It seems people never learn. I guess the thought is, "There are so many people out here on the internet, they'll never catch me."

This is another case of a man using the internet and a chat room to solicit sex from an underage girl. They just showed his picture on the news. I had already read a couple of articles online about it. He is white-haired, quite non-threatening to the eye. He owns a cleaners, and the people who know him said that they never would have suspected him of doing something like that.

He also has two very young children of his own, I think they were reported to be a boy and a girl, aged five and seven. He was corresponding with what he thought was a thirteen-year-old girl, but in reality, it was an undercover agent posing as a young girl.

The agent said that the man made contact with the girl/agent, and the talk quickly turned to sex, even though he thought it was a young girl to whom he was speaking. He allegedly sent her a picture of his private parts. Then he sent her a picture of his two kids.

I shudder to think what the reason for that was. What was the correlation?

When the undercover agents raided the cleaners where the guy worked, they found him on the computer, on the internet, looking at porn.

Computers are marvelous things. They have made the world a bit smaller and a lot more interesting. We have so much information right at our fingertips. We are able to correspond with people we might never have met in real life. Through my writing, I have met all kinds of people and have developed a few genuine friendships with people with whom I might not have otherwise come into contact. But there is a lot that is harmful out there, too. Just as we can get on the internet and reach out, there are others who are using it to troll for victims. There are also those who have the capability of looking in to see what is being done with that computer. That has been proven time and time again.

It seems as if every day somebody is on the news, looking stupid, after getting caught trying to lure children for sex. How does one recover from that kind of public shame? What kind of damage does that do to the family and loved ones of that individual? Social Services is looking into the lives of the children of the man in the above article. I think that's wise since he's sending their pictures out onto the internet like that and under those circumstances. There's no telling....

I think that people have the right to do what they want in the privacy of their own homes or establishments as long as what they do doesn't hurt anyone else or infringe upon the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of anyone else. If a person wants to look at porn on the internet, it's their right, but like drugs, that stuff is addicting. Also like drugs, for some people, they need more and more stimulation as the addiction grows. I believe these are the ones who use the internet as a means to feed their sick needs.

Parents, watch your children. Put that computer in a central area of the house, not in the bedroom. Closely monitor what your kids do on the internet. They need to steer clear of chat rooms. Even the ones geared to kids can get pretty raunchy. As a teacher, I can attest to some of the stuff that gets started on the internet coming right on up into the school with the kids. And watch your kids around adults. Don't blindly trust anyone with them. The most harmless looking someone could be the one to change your child's life forever or to snuff it out completely.

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