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Greetings From Marienville, PA
Greetings from Marienville, PA. In case you are wondering, Marienville is located in Forest County, which has the distinction of being the only county in Pennsylvania without a traffic light. It also has only one modern hotel, which in itself is amazing, as Marienville can’t have more than three to four hundred people living here. It’s a nice little town, and the Microtel Inn/Suites, that is the modern hotel and the one I’m staying at, is quite nice, even if at the moment I don’t seem to be able to connect to the internet. Then again, that’s as it should be in a county with no traffic light and a town with under five hundred people.

In Marienville, you basically have two options for dinner and your decision is ruled by whether you want alcohol with your meal or not. If you do, you go to the Kelly Hotel, which I believe is a hotel in name only, a remnant from days gone by. If you don’t want alcohol then your other option is the Bucktail. Things could get slightly confusing in the near future as the Bucktail Hotel and restaurant, which is where I chose to eat tonight’s meal, as they told me they should have their liquor license by the end of the year. It’s a shame as I have a feeling that could spell the end of a well-kept secret.

At 6PM on a Wednesday night Marienville is not a hopping town as evidenced by the fact that I was the only customer in the restaurant. The Kelly, which is just across the street, I’m sure, had a few more, at least as evidenced by the cars in the parking lot. Still… the Bucktail had several cars also. Of course that could have had something to do with the five people who tended to my every need from the moment I walked in the door until I left.

If you stop at the Bucktail, I recommend the French Onion soup and the roast beef dinner. I suspect you could choose from any of the other meals or soups and be equally pleased. They had what looked like a killer German Chocolate cake but I opted for the coconut cream pie, a traditional favorite. In the world of CC pie I would give it a C+. Of course, I’m pretty hard to please in this department.

Being the only person in an unfamiliar restaurant can give you pause. What does everyone else know, that you don’t? If you’re lucky, when you get to the Bucktail and find you are the only one there, another patron will arrive shortly. In my case this was a gentlemen named Jeff, who from his distinct southern accent I deduced was not a local. Jim was an engineer from Lou’ville, Kentucky. If you say it any other way, you’re not from Lou’ville. At least that’s what Jeff told me. Across the aisle we had a wonderful conversation during which we solved all the worlds woes from economics all the way through meteorological events such as tornados and blizzards.

So here’s my recommendation if you find yourself in Marienville on a cold December night. Stop by the Bucktail. Don’t worry if you’re the only one there, the ladies will make you feel right at home. Order a bowl of French Onion soup and whatever else you like to eat. Ask if Jeff’s coming in tonight as you have some thoughts on Global warming and cheap Mexican labor you’d like to discuss. If he’s not there, sit back, relax, and enjoy the meal and the company of the fine ladies that run the place. Oh, and try the German Chocolate cake. Let me know how it is.

PS Have patience. The internet connection came through.

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