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A trip to Virginia and a renaissance fair
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Ye Ole Renaissance Faire - poem
Ye Ole Renaissance Faire

Aye, back in time let's go,
Back to queens and their couriers,
To medieval fairs and pretty lasses
With wandering mistrals playing dances
And songs of lost, of dying love,
To a country singer seeking fame
Or food to place in bowl or cup.

Meriment abounds with lust,
A blend of old and new.
Instruments, ancient, too,
Are used by those who know
The queen needs entertainment
For all who move in Royal circles.

Musicians wait;
musicians play
While olden dances danced.
Modern folks, with those not so much,
Watch and listen for the Queen's decree.
Who will please, what will not,
Only she does know.

Ah, the day has passed.
We say farewell to a time gone by;
Though we're sad to see it go.

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