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Poems about war in general and US war on terrorism in particular.
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“World’s number one terrorist”,
Was the message he wore,
As he proceeded to leave
The Australian shore.

Allen Jasson, fifty five,
Was an IT expert.
This message,with Bush picture,
Adorned his pet T shirt.

He travelled often like this.
His views were quite forthright.
This time he was taking a
Melbourne to London flight.

The staff of Qantas airline
On this T shirt did scoff.
Calling it offensive, they
Asked him to take it off.

Jasson, protesting free speech,
Put up a verbal fight.
On his refusal, he was
Disembarked from the flight.

What a pity! While Bush is
Abused in his country,
His cronies often act like
Too faithful a sentry.

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* Written for "Invalid Item, “News Desk: Contest”

• This contest required that the poem be built upon a news item in a newspaper. The above poem was inspired by a news item in Times of India, dated 23 January 2007, head-lined “Anti-Bush shirt grounds Australian”, which reads:

“Canberra: An airline paasenger barred from a flight for wearing a T shirt labeling US president George Bush a terrorist has threatened legal action against Australia’s flag carrier Qantas.”

M C Gupta
23 January 2007
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