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Manic Monday
April 30, 2007

It's been a very busy weekend...Sat was busy but good...both kids had games-Jamie's first tball game ever...wish I could share pictures with you..but you'll just have to take my word for the fact that he was cute..lol

Cassy's 2nd game of the season was also Saturday-and they wore me out trying to run between the two fields-same game time-I missed her first 2 innings watching him play-then my beloved and I switched fields..lol...

Cassy's team lost 21-15...but the first 2 innings are why things went so wrong...it was 14-0 at the top of the third..invasion of the body snatchers again...they just weren't there..they weren't listening, weren't playing well..and this is the team that sent us home at tournament last year...they finally woke up and did better..but it was too little too late...Cassy did not strike out any of the times she got up though..and as a whole the team fought hard to come back.  We have another game tonight..hopefully it will go better...

We are doing a fundraiser..called a batathon...It seems like it will be alot of fun..but a lot of work to get sponsors...to get points to win...of course, Cassy wants to win...lol..winning team in each division gets to go to an Indianapolis Indians game..winning girl or boy with the most sponsor points overall gets to throw out the first pitch...on top of the fact that they can earn prizes..and it's not the junky kind from school fundraisers but actual ball stuff.  I'm hoping it goes well.

Well...I need to get a few things done this morning while I only have 1 child...I'll be back around later.and might make another entry depending on what goes on today.

Blessings, hope your weekend was a good one.


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