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Who am I, Where am I Going, and Where have I been? The story of my life!
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A Guarantee
May 1, 2007

I can guarantee this month will not be a blue month. I can guarantee I'm not even going to try. With 2 kids in ball, 1 of those in 4H, the end of school coming up and life in general I'll be lucky to get in here every few days for very long...lol....

Today has been a creative day. Everyone slept during nap and so I started looking around the contest page here....found an entry for
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#1254376 by Not Available.

I like the contest pages...and this showed me more that was going on...yeah..I found two and wrote something and entered both....

First I wrote
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by A Guest Visitor
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by A Guest Visitor
. In this contest you can not use spacing, punctuation, or lowercase letters...lol...so it will be pretty hard to read...so then I fixed it and entered the translation
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by A Guest Visitor
into my port as well. Winning prize for this one is a History merit badge..I love history...:)

The second piece I wrote was to be entered into
The Hint Fiction Contest  [ASR]
Can you tell a story with only a few words? Hint Fiction requires a silver pen.
by Lt. Storm Machine
. Now, brevity is not my strong suit...lol..so 55 words was a challenge..but I have to say it really did flow out of me..and I felt an inner nudge when I wrote it...and felt God's arms around me.  This is what I wrote
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by A Guest Visitor
. I feel very good about it.....whether I win or not doesn't matter....though of course I hope I do...lol...

Now I'm blogging..which means I don't have to focus on one kind of writing..I get to do my favorite kind of writing...chit chattting :) I love visiting with friends.  I'd like to say I'll make it around to y'alls blogs..but I probably won't...little man has a game in an hour...Cassy had a game last night...they won14-6. Yeah!!!!  They played pretty well..not well enough to avoid an unplanned practice on Thursday night but better than last Saturday.  lol

Ok..I have 5 kids I need to round up, get the ballplayer up from his nap (he's growing again..and took him forever to fall asleep..not to mention the fact that because of big sisters' game last night he was up VERY late.) I dread waking him up because he will not be happy about it...lol

I should be back on later...take care everyone..and hug someone close to you..they just might need it.

hugs from me to you

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