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Hump Day
May 2, 2007

Today has been nuts..I don't know any other way to put it..and at risk of wearing you all out...I'm gonna share with you some of what I've done since 6:30 this morning.

6:11-Alarm went off, my beloved hit snooze.
6:20 alarm went off, my beloved went to take his shower
6:30 -I got up to get Jamie up and ready for school. Realized my beloved fell asleep in the bathroom. Woke Jamie up, dressed, got his breakfast and then went and got him out of bed. Cassy got herself up and ready, though she wasn't going to school because of a dr's appt.
7am-left for bus stop. Had an interesting conversation with above mentioned 4 year old because he was sitting in the front seat -(while waiting for the bus) for the first time ever...it's a much different view according to him and he discovered the black lever on the side of the seat that lays it back..he found this interesting..told me it was just like a train. (thank you Hard Hat Harry)
7:07-put the little guy on the bus and headed back to the house, fed me, made sure Cassy was ready to go to school after the dr
7:30-left for 8:45 dr's appt with Cassy and the youngest of the kids I babysit in tow. dr's office is about an hour away. UGG
8:45, signed in at dr's office and waited.  Why were we there...major allergy/asthma flare up because MEDICAID refused to pay for her allergy meds...for 2 months in a row and though the dr's office has tried to get authorization we've been left playing a game
9:30-finally saw aforementioned dr..who confirmed no sinus infection-added new meds to Cassy's daily regimen to try to help and discussed medicaid issues
9:50 -left like a bat out of hell to get back to get Jamie and other little boy from preschool-they get out at 10:30-remember hour trip?  that's why I made the appt for 8:45...uggggg
10:40 picked boys up from office, dropped Cassy off in office and talked to nurse about her asthma.
11-got to the church, waiting for last child (sort of) drop off...at 11:45-too short to go home, to long to just sit..so took the boys in to play in the nursery...did get Cassy's camp application filled out and she will get to go....thanks to a scholarship and our church..she doesn't know yet...
11:55 picked up last child from our children's minister whose son goes to prek with her
12pm dropped one child off at the bank to his mom who got off early...yeah..and headed home
12:30 walked into the house and fixed lunch, put lunch on the table and the doorbell rang
12:40-in walks the twins-I only babysit occassionally for them and they are sweeties so it's all good..but it was a chaos day
1:15pm, everyone finally finishes lunch and goes to play. Vicky gets to eat
1:30-while waiting for Jamie's headstart homebased teacher to come I was on teh computer..phone rang and she was running late..she never showed so say a prayer for her because I odn't know what's up-couldn't start anything because I was expecting her at any time.
3:20 big kids came in, homework, little ones played
4:30 twins get picked up
5pm snack because of church tonight
trying to get kids ready to head out to church

And now, I have to head out...

I have something I want to ask y'all..but I guess it will have to wait until I get home

Have a great evening


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