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It's been a busy weekend
May 6, 2007

We have run pretty much non stop since Friday evening. Cassy's team had a game (10 and under fastpitch softball) Friday night at 6:30 pm-we lost 9-3....partially because our pitcher was not in top form but the coach let her pitch 2 1/2 innings anyway...partially because the girls messed around in the outfield..and partially because the other team had a really good pitcher and we were having trouble hitting off of her. The coach is not happy...so I bet they will hear a thing or two on Tuesday before the next game.  We got rained out in the 7th inning with 20 minutes to go..and while it's possible the could have come back...it's not probable..and they have to learn to quit messing around in the first couple of innings and then remembering how to play....they are now 2 wins/2 losses.  It's only a game...and I understand that..but frustrating none the less..because at least to me, part of it is a life lesson that you always go out and give it your all...not wait and see how little effort you have to put forth..and that's what it seems like. Not to mention, we all like to win...lol

We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant-it's a small town and it's a new place-in an old Burger King..the owner is very sweet-and most of his staff is too..there is one waitress I can't stand..and she would've have had us that night if she hadn't been so darn slow...I was getting irritated only another waiter came up and took our order...food was good as always..then when we got ready to leave they sent us out the door with cake from a birthday party that had just left..and balloons...and taught Jamie his name in Spanish...I taught him how to say good bye to them also...

Saturday morning saw us up bright and early for a 9am game for Jamie...loved the game, hate the early time...lol..we spent most of the day there as we had a friend whose grandsons played after Jamie...let me tell you..watching the boys coach pitch team play...was awesome..they had such energy..and the rules are different from what we are used to....I like some of their rules better...lol..the boys also have a better concession stand AND better bathrooms...AND water fountains in the dug out...little biased around here if you ask me!!!

We got home about 4:30, my beloved made Loaded Baked Potato Soup for dinner..yummm..put the kids to bed and the rest of the evening is noneya...

Sunday morning..church-and major embarressment...lol..we have a music/choir director, who is also in charge of the Praise Team(which I sing on-There are 3 singers, a drummer, a keyboard player, and a guitarist) The music director, his wife (one of the singers) and the drummer(unrelated) were all not there..now we knew this...and teh guitarist was in charge of picking music..that was on cd..for us to lead...and while we knew the songs the tempo was different, different parts repeated..and the words on screen were in a different order (for the congregation) than on the cd...good thing we are an easy going church...but it won't be done that way again...lol..or I"M not leading it..lol

This afternoon after church we went to lunch with a friend and then came home, picked up the yard and my beloved mowed. Cassy and I did some work in the house, Jamie played...we helped my beloved outside some and now he and Cassy have gone to town to the store and to dump some trash. Master James has been fed, bathed and is in bed....and here I am, if only for a moment.

All in all a decent weekend...

I have 2 prayer requests...
1. My beloved's back is hurting him from all the work he did outside..he has degenerative disk disease and calcium deposits on the inside of his spine...the lifting and such makes him hurt badly...but to him, life goes on and such things must be done. Prayers that his pain will go away soon.

2.One of my best friends-an internet sister who has been there for me for the last 5 + years -her husband has a suspicious growth on his shoulder..and it will need to be removed and biopsied. They are self employed and have no insurance..so on top of the cancer worries looming in their heads..they also have to figure out how to pay for it all.  Please Please Please keep them in your prayers. They live in West Virginia.

Well, I need to do a few things before they get home and so I'm gonna go.

blessings to you all

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