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It's been a decent day
May 7, 2007

So why do I want to strangle someone???  OH yeah..the kids are home and fighting..I knew there was a good reason. Sheesh.  You'd think, especially the older ones, who are 10and 12, would be able to go outside and play and get along with the littler ones.  Fight, then tattle, fight, then tattle.but let's not tattle over the bigger things..we'll just tell them not too, then when mom says "you know you aren't supposed to do that" they can say..well we told them not to but they didn't listen...grrrrr...and if my big one doens't drop the tude soon her softball team will be enjoying her presence on the bench only tomorrow night. GRRRRR

Ok, I feel better...sort of...lol

Today I've done some reviewing, helped a friend put her first item in her port

 Holding On To Me  (ASR)
This a poem about a hard time in my life.
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If you've got the time to spare and like poetry I'd love it if you'd check it out for her. This is my friend Robyn, who came to visit me..and also believes in me enough to pay for my upgraded membership for a year...Thanks in advance.

No ball games tonight, no practices, no church functions..it seems weird to be staying home..lol...no such luck tomorrow night though when we have 2 games on 2 different fields in 2 different towns...lol...45 minutes apart. Guess it's a good thing God blessed my kids with 2 parents, who have 2 vehicles, and a good friend to get one of them to a game while we are all in transit...

I need to get my butt in gear and get some writing done tomorrow.  I have a couple of outside contests coming to a close soon and havn'et gotten my items finished...ok..truly even started...beat me now...lol

Have a great evening, I'm going to go finish supper

hugs and blessings,

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