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5 parts does each uniform have
May 8, 2007

And if each uniform has 5 parts (shirt, shorts, 2 socks, and a visor) then how come my 10 year old daughter loses said socks after each game? Cleats are in the van (guess that makes 7 parts..oh well) uniform shirt and shorts have been freshly washed, visor is in the ball bag..so how's come each week we can't find the dang socks?  This has been a problem since it became her responsibility..Jamie's uniform has 3 parts (shirt, pants, hat...no cleats yet, no socks but his own) I am responsible for that..he's 4...so now, with an hour before we have to leave and homework to do..she still can't find them..I'm so ready to beat someone!!!!  And if I have to go find them in her pit of a bedroom she's gonna pay me!!!

Big Sigh..I'm already frustrated because we have 2 games at 2 different fields, 2 different towns..so My beloved will miss all of Jamie's game and I will miss part of Cassy's...while I'm thankful there are two of us..I hate to miss any...call me a glutton..here I am trying to babysit too...and get kids fed and out the door...why can't seh be more responsible???

Ok, ranting over...so sorry you had to hear that.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Was it something ordinary or did you want to be something special? Did it change as you grew or did it stay the same?  Just curious...ok not really...for real it is a lead in to tomorrow's entry...

blessings and peace

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