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I could rant, whine, and crab
May something, 2007

Depending on your clock..it could be after midnight, making it the 13th instead of the 12th..especially when I get done..and since I don't know how to see what time WDC thinks it is..we'll just go iwth the above date.

I'm not gonna whine, crab, or rant. I"m not going to vent or cry or any of the above. Because truth be told I don't have the energy and y'all probably don't have the tolerance. I'm sure you will hear bits and pieces this week as I mellow a little..but who the hell knows.

I hope all of you female people out there have a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow (or when the Sun comes up..lol) I'm feeling rather cynical so I'll keep the rest of my comments to myself-part of this thanks to my Aunt Flo who has come to visit...uggg

anyway..have a great day

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