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Who am I, Where am I Going, and Where have I been? The story of my life!
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May 15, 2007

Today has been a productive day...around the house...lol..unfortunately that  means it was not a productive day here...but the house looks better and I have clean sheets tonight...yeah...I love to shower at night and have fresh clean sheets to sleep on :) (I know, you didn't ask..lol)

Cassy is feeling better..no fever today..though still quite headachy and wheezy..throat doesn't seem to be bothering her too badly..she's eaten some...

Jamie went back to school today..but he's not quite up to par...ate no lunch..complained of his stomach hurting and thought he was going to puke...I didn't push it and he's fine now...we'll see how he does with dinner.

Tomorrow we go for his blood draw-to check the levels of the 2 shots they gave him a month ago...we should have the results next week.

Dinner is almost finished-we are having meatloaf and potatoes, green beans, fresh bread (frozen bread from the Schwan's  man but hey)..lol

I'm ready to strangle one of the kids I babysit...he was throwing rocks at my neighbor's car as he drove up the lane...then after he went in continued to throw rocks/dirt into his yard/at his house..guy came over here NOT HAPPY...so neither am I..he's in trouble with me and he'd better be in trouble with mom.

Well..I wanna make it around to some blogs so I'm gonna scoot on out of here..thanks to everyone who has stopped by!

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