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Blood Draws and Ball Games
May 16, 2007

Jamie's blood draw this afternoon went well. After they straightened out the paperwork of course. The dr's office faxed one order, I had the other order (2 shots-given 2 different days-2 orders) but neither one had his diagnosis (recurrent sinus infections) on them..and they have to have that to put it in the system..and if they can't put it in the system they don't do the lab work.  Thankfully they called the dr's office and got it taken care of...and the people at the lab were very nice and were very good with Jamie.  Jamie did VERY WELL with the little poke and magic tubes (gotta love kids) and the tech was so nice and gave him 2 suckers, 3 stickers, and a pair of gloves (to blow into inflated hands..lol) Then we went to Dairy Queen.  He has a tball game at 5:45pm

Cassy went back to school today....I almost didn't send her....after being fever free all day yesterday-her temp went to 99.5 last night. Checked again this morning after no meds and it was still 99.5......even with my statement of not guaranteeing she'd play tonight just because she went to school she wanted to go....so off she went and I got no phone call. She's not contagious because of the antibiotics and if she had a 99.5 degree temp at school they wouldn't send her home...had it been 100 or above there would have been no question ..I'd have kept her home.  But with 2 weeks left to the school year and a few projects and tests left to take I didn't want to have her get to far behind...with little time left to make up work-especially when they failed to send her work home as I had asked. Her temp on coming in the door was normal and she'd not been to the nurse..so we are on for her game at 7pm..unless her temp goes up between now and then...and then she's not going to school tomorrow either....cause my assumption is that the antibiotic has kicked in and this morning's temp was the last we should see....We are having trouble with her asthma still..and she'll be taking a treatment before we leave....

Jamie wore his batman cape all day today..wore it to school-apparently shared it at school and wore it for the blood draw and beyond. Now he just came in crying because one of the kids I babysit is wearing it and won't give it back...sharing is hard at 4. Still we circumvented the problem by me handing over his special blue blankey..that he threw up on in the van Sunday night and is now freshly laundered.  He's now a happy boy....

you'd think from the above statement that this child has a security blanket...He does not...as a matter of fact..neither one of my kids has had security objects...oh wait..they both have one...as a matter of fact..sometimes it's an issue because it's the same one...ME


I'm glad to be treasured but I don't fit into a backpack to go off to school..lol..they do both have stuffed animals they sleep with and such..and those can be substituted for minor sleepovers etc...Cassy's is a little stuffed bear we got at Goodwill when she was still within my womb.  Jamie's is a stuffed tiger that my sister bought him when he was little...and his blue blankey.  He also has a small afghan a friend of mine made for me when I was pregnant...he likes to wear it as a superman cape...or a "boy who cooks" his words , not mine..lol

Ok, I've rambled enough about my kids...we are off and running...

hope your day is going well
blessings and peace

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